Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sailing on a Tuesday!

Hi readers,

Me again, this time with an update from just beyond mid Atlantic!!! We’re enjoying our voyage and today find the sea as calm as a mill pond following a day of gale force six, which still felt pretty calm by comparison with the gale force 11 of last week – I can tell you!!!

It’s a beautiful day today and we’ve been sat out on our balcony reading and sunbathing!! It’s warm too – but it won’t be long before we get back to the U.K. and I’ve no idea what the temperature will be when we get there, on Friday!

The entertainment has been splendid onboard and last night there was a concert of the National Symphony Orchestra featuring American tunes – who knew Rhapsody in Blue was around 20 minutes long? Well, not me – for sure! They will be playing again for us on Thursday and this time it will be a mini Last Night at the Proms so promises to be quite a rousing evening! Hard to imagine that we’ve been away from home for over a month and are speeding back to Southampton at over 20 knots (wish I knew what that was in mph!). We’ve also been treated to some shows featuring the ships company of singers and dancers who did a marvellous job in the stormy weather too – with no casualties, thank goodness. Only one performance missed during the worst of it.

I’m almost ashamed to mention the food, available 24 hours every day and how good it’s been – my clothes all appear to have shrunk!!! How DOES that happen?

We’ve also made some lovely new friends in the shape of Lorraine and Don and Nancy and Joe from Florida, Kathy and Mark from Iowa and Nessie from Coatbridge, Scotland! Our collective brain cells have resulted in some quite respectable scores at both the music and general knowledge quizzes too!

All too soon our vacation will be over but I must admit that I am sorely missing my creative outlet of card making. I brought markers and stamped images to colour but ....... it really isn’t quite the same and I have no glossy accents, glitter or stickles with which to “finish” my images so they must all wait till I get home! Of course, by that time it will be on to the Christmas cards, tags, etc so, ROSIE, I hope you have some great recipe challenges over on Craftbubble!

I’ll leave you this post with some photos of our exit from the harbour at New York, a lovely view from our cabin and one of the National Symphony Orchestra (well, I’m sure it’s only really a part of but ....)

Till next time readers, enjoy your days


Dora said...

That was lovely to read Kathy.... I can really imagine you there enjoying yourself :) ... you must have been washing your clothes with very hot water .. because that is how they shrink mama told me ;)

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds just perfect,Kathy.....apart from the shrinking clothes, of course....blame the ship's laundry!!

Lauren Hatwell said...


Safe journey home Kathy. Looking forward to getting you back in the crafty fold matey.


Debs M said...

sounds like you have had/are having a fabulous time, safe journey home x