Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Saturday folks

Hi everyone and welcome to November 5th,

Got a firework party to attend tonight? Hope the weather will stay fine and clear for you if you have. If you've a pet then I hope it won't be too traumatic.

I'm really ticked to be still virtually craft free as there are so many fab challenges that I would love to have a go at ..... unfortunately standing still and stamping/card making whilst balancing on crutches doesn't seem to work terribly well so I guess I'll have to be patient a little while longer. I am starting to feel better now though as I'm getting Bored with a capital B!! There is only so much dross TV you can watch (I'm all Bargain Hunted out too!) and I've read that many books I'm starting to see print even when my eyes are closed! It's just unfortunate that my crafting space is so cramped that it's just not practical to attempt to get there on crutches, let alone craft - another reason for a craft room of my own!

Over on the Simply Less Is More blog the new challenge, posted this morning at 08:00, is a colour theme and the colors chosen reflect fireworks: RED and ORANGE. No other rules except that entries must be Clean And Simple. Some fab cards from Chrissie and Mandi and two entries already posted by 08:25 (from Lizy and Jan)

And over on craftbubble's Craft Mad and Loving It the lovely Lauren has set a sketch themed WARM AND COSY - which is fab - check it out .....

Happy Saturday/Bonfire Night


Katiejane said...

Well, something to keep you busy and to cheer you up has to be to plan, draw up some ideas and sketch a funky PURPLE inspired craft room of your very own. I have to say, I'm surprised you don't have one! Grab a pen and sketch some ideas -it'll keep you occupied!
Have a good weekend.
Katie x

clare said...

hope you will be crafting again very soon. x

Dora said...

Hi Kathy sorry to hear you still cannot do any crafting. .. maybe you could just colour images to find them ready when you are feeling better. .. hope you will be better soon. Hugs xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Hopefully it won't be long before you are back at the helm in your craft room.
Hope you are having a good weekend and can get out a bit. We are having fireworks later with the girls (although I can hear lots going off now).
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Lilian said...

Kathy so glad you are feelng better and hope your able to craft soon. Takee care lilian