Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Thursday - it'll soon be the weekend!

Hi everyone, how's your day?

I'm feeling good today, I'm moving about easier AND the postman brought me a premium bond cheque (yee haa - such a shame they missed off so many zero's?!?!?!?!) - an incentive to make my walk as far as the post box today! The postman also brought me two more Christmas gifties and these are for my dear hubby so I'm very happy with them.

It's also a pretty nice looking sunny day and hubby's off to the flying field this afternoon - leaving me free to  ...... CRAFT!!! YAY, although a pal has said she might pop in for a cuppa some time this afternoon but she's normally so busy that this might just turn in to a flying visit. Anyhoo - if I get any crafting done then you'll probably see a second post from me later as I didn't manage to get any done yesterday and I'm feeling the urge to get glittery! Wish me luck peeps

Have a great Thursday and, if I don't see you later, see you at the Friday Funny tomorrow!

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Debs M said...

good luck getting glittery!!