Friday, 25 November 2011

Hi there and welcome to the Friday Funny!

Hi folks,

Morning everyone and welcome to what the Americans call "Black Friday" - this being the day following Thanks Giving and, traditionally, a day for shopping and tremendous bargains. Unless you are a SERIOUSLY keen shopper (it's not for the faint hearted) it's not a day to just nip to the mall for one or two things! I can remember my Floridian neighbour telling me they had tried to go to a mall on Black Friday once and foolishly set off for 10:00 (around the regular opening time) and not even being able to get close to the parking lot let alone actually able to park!!  And I don't even like to shop in December as it's too crowded!

I know for a fact that my Florida neighbours will be siting their enormous Christmas tree today (beats shopping today!???) and part of me wishes I was there to see it. Roger spends a lot of time on this particular element of the festive season and it's always well worth seeing. Sally? I suspect she'll be having a well earned rest after Thanks Giving yesterday - I hear tell there were ELEVEN people there for the day who will all have needed feeding! Having being privileged to share their family Thanks Giving I do happen to know that it will have been a fun day with some great food - hope you had a fab day, Sally and Roger, if you're reading this!

Yesterday saw me off to the hairdressers. Due to my vacation and operation I'd really missed two appointments and was feeling more like an Old English Sheepdog! My fringe (bangs) was so long that I felt like I was peering through curtains! Boy, was I glad to get to the cutting chair! I gave the lovely Anne my instructions and she went to work - she did exactly what I asked ............................ and I hated it! Ooops! Plan B), whilst only a slight modification, was much more me and I'm very happy this morning. Of course, hubby is still having to chauffeur me about but I hope to be returning to driving very soon. A neighbour of ours has recently relocated to just down the road from my hairdressers so he was able to nip to hers for a cuppa whilst I got "primped" - all very civilised!

Since it's Friday today there is a new challenge set over at the Bah Humbug blog and this week's challenge is to use FABRIC on your project - hmmmmm, the obvious is ribbon but I might have a little think and see if I can come up with anything else!

In the meantime ..... my regular readers will recall my ATC swap with a buddy on the Isle of Skye - well she's sent me my next set of challenge materials and here they are .........

What would you do with them?

And now for the Friday Funny which was forwarded to me by my husband - hmmmmf!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend - see y'all tomorrow for the Simply Less Is More and CMLI challenges!


Judie aka Craftymess said...

Your posts make me laugh, love the mirror mirror one lol, hope your making a good steady recovery hun, gorjuss atc xx

Shirley-anne said...

Hi Kathy.Are you a good patient? Hope you are on the mend and progressing ok .
Now , I want to know when you snuck into my bedroom and took this picture of me and my morning ritual . I saw the funny side to this ..truly I did
hugs Shirley-Anne