Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hi there and welcome to November

Hi there,

I'm so touched that so many of you have taken the time to leave me messages, it's really appreciated.

So, what have I been up to since my last post? WELL, not a whole lot it has to be said, given that I'm on crutches and the weather's been so rubbish I'm afraid I've stayed pretty close to home despite having to practice my walking. It's OK, I've done lots of walks to the kitchen and back rather than just sitting on my ar*e all day!! I AM feeling an improvement and feel that I'm walking much better on my crutches, yesterday I tried to use just one for most of the day which was far easier during the morning and early afternoon - guess it's a bit tiring (or I'm VERY lazy - it could go either way!).

My crafting buddy, Wynneth came to Bristol for the weekend with her hubby and TTWD. They wanted to visit a show local to us at the University of the West of England (UWE for short) and had booked in to a hotel just about one mile from us - perfect. Wynneth rang once they were done with the show and they then popped round for a couple of hours. Steve conjured up one of his (now) legendary curries and a good time was had by all - I even had two glasses of wine! (being sworn virtually off alcohol at the mo because of my medicinal cocktails). Sunday morning dawned fine enough for Steve and Mr Tom to head off to the flying field, giving Steve some much needed R&R time away from playing nurse to my patient and left Wynneth and I free to chat and for her to stamp!! We also had a mini "conference" call with a mutual pal and crafting buddy over coffee which was almost as good as having her with us .... but, sadly, not quite!


Yesterday, being Halloween, hubby had bought in a whole bucket of treats for the trick or treaters but, with the weather wet and windy, we didn't get a single one - so he's going to be working on those sweeties for quite a while!

And now here we are - NOVEMBER!! The clocks have changed and it's already dark before 6pm - yuck! Downhill all the way to Christmas, so I've been on-line and doing my Christmas shopping as I can't hop to the stores, can't even drive till December and I'm NOT starting my shopping THAT late!!! Yesterday was like Piccadilly Circus here with the doorbell ringing frequently, bringing parcels from all sorts of places. I now have a healthy pile of presents installed and just waiting till I can get round to wrapping them! Am I finished? Nearly, but not quite! and I AM struggling for ideas for my precious hubby who really deserves something extra special this year as he's been blooming marvellous all the time I've been crook ..... and very patient too, far more so than I think I would be.

Anyway, today was "C" day ....... that's C for CLIP removal following my surgery which was two weeks ago. I've tried to avoid looking but caught sight of just enough to give me the heebie jeebies about having them removed! I've spoken to several people with nursing knowledge who all assured me that it would be over in moments and wouldn't hurt but ......... part of me couldn't believe them! HOWEVER, you were all RIGHT and it was nothing like I'd expected - 30 clips were out in a matter of about a minute. The nurse assures me it's healing so well that I'm running around dressing free now - feeling liberated but a little nervous! Now all I have to do is concentrate on the exercises so I can lose those darn crutches!!

That's all for now, I'm really hoping that (now the clips are out) I shall feel more like crafting and will soon be back to normal (whatever THAT is) and blogging too - so please continue to stop by folks.

Happy Tuesday one and all.


scrappyjacky said...

So pleased to hear that you're progressing well,Kathy...hopefully with the clips out your recovery will really speed up.
I've certainly missed your crafty postings....and hope you're soon up to crafting again.
We had no trick or treaters either....and the weather here was ok.....so not sure why really?!

Debs M said...

glad you had a good weekend and the clip removal was without incidence!

My name is Wynneth said...

Sooooo... lovely to see you well enough to blog again Crafty Bud :o) I just knew you were worrying over much about the clip removal, but you just had to experience it before you believed it didn't you !! LOL Must be a great relief to lose the hardware and to know the wound is healing nicely. It was great to see you at the weekend and TTWD had a wonderful time !

Well done on getting so far ahead with your Christmas shopping, even though you are 'confined to barracks'. I can most certainly vouch for the delisciousness of mr k's legendary curry. Unlike you, we had a great number of Trick or Treaters, so my pumpkin bucket of sweetie eyeballs was virtually empty by the end of the evening. Not even the huge web covered in big black spiders which covered the front door, seemed to put them off LOL

Cheryl said...

oh hun great to hear from you,so glad you are on the mend,but take it easy hun do not rush it,glad you had a good weekend hun,take it easy and look forward too seeing your work again take care hun love hugs cherylxxxxxx
oh just love your dog hun oh the cutest ever hugs cherylx

Katiejane said...

I'm so pleased you are heeling and what a wonderful hubby, Steve sure is doing you proud!
How lovely you got a visit from Wynneth, I bet that was lovely to sit and chat "Craft" for the afternoon!
Sending you best wishes, keep your chin up!
Katie xx