Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hi there and welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!

It feels like FOREVER since I did any crafting and I FINALLY felt up to pottering in to an impromptu craft room. Hubby cleared me a space on the dining room table and moved my pens and images for me - difficult to carry stuff AND work my crutches although I'm sure there must be a way!

Anyway, it's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday so here is my workdesk (temporary)

It's not overly comfortable to sit at the dining table and I am soooo not supposed to bend my hip to an angle greater than 90ยบ so I couldn't sit for very long - lucky I colour like I craft - at the speed of light!! Here's what I managed before discomfort set in - still, little and often seems to be the way for many things not just colouring in! It feels like I've achieve something, who knows? tomorrow these images might get made in to a card!

Enjoy your Wednesday anyway, isn't it getting dark early since the clocks changed last weekend?


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Glad to see you're getting a bit of crafting done, take it easy and don't over do it:0) Smashing colouring, good luck with the recovery, Gay xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Kathy
Hope you are recovering well and not in too much discomfort.
Sorry I am awol - with work keeping me totally out of the crafting and blogging loop I feel I have lost contact with people. Can't wait for Christmas and a bit more time to log on.
Great colouring and I hope you get to make these into lovely cards soon.
Take care of yourself.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Debs M said...

these are lovely and yes it is getting bloomin dark! x

scrappyjacky said...

Glad you managed a short spurt,Kathy...and I hate these dark evenings.

My name is Wynneth said...

Soooo... lovely to see those sweet images all coloured in Kathy, good to see you've been feeling like a bit of a craft today :o) It got dark horribly early today didn't it, mind you it was dull, dark and damp all day down here in Cornwall.

Gibmiss said...

Hi Kathy
Fabby colouring ....wondered where you were.....hope you soon recover....
hugs sylvie

Katiejane said...

Well done Kathy, it must be a real thrill to get back into the old crafty flow. These are such pretty images, fingers crossed they will be converted tomorrow.
Well done Steve for creating you a little bit of crafty heaven at the dinner table -what a star.
Katie x

Sandy said...

Really cute images, lovely colouring,

Cheryl said...

oh glad you are slowly getting back to crafting hun,hope you start to feel much more like your old self real soon,hugs cherylxxx

Ribbon Girl said...

Hello Kathy - thanks for your comment. I had to go way back in your blog to find out why you had crutches. I had a total hip replacement in late June, I understand what you say about sitting at a desk or table, mostly not possible!! However, I have done as I was told, done my excercises etc, the unbearable pain I used to have before my op has totally gone, and I am very grateful, however without my walking stick I do tend to walk like a penguin as my muscles just won't cooperate! Everyone says I am doing marvellously, and I'm so glad the awful pain which used to make me cry has disappeared, so I'd rather limp a bit than not walk at all!! So please, do as you're told and be patient, you'll soon be right as rain. Much love Mary G x