Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday and all's well!

Hello readers,

How's your day going? Mine started well after a decent night's sleep, turned on the TV and whilst channel hopping I discovered the Martha Stewart hour on QVC which kept me entertained although I didn't shop! I DID, however, find a non craft Christmas gift whilst amusing myself watching QVC - which brings me another step closer to finishing my Christmas shopping. Can't tell you what it is though as it's for a fellow crafter who just might check my blog every now and again and I would hate to spoil the surprise.

As part of my rehab I am supposed to be heading out for daily walks and building up from 5 - 15 minutes - not doing terribly well on those stakes as the weathers been such complete pants that it's not really been suitable for heading out on crutches!! Today has been showery and a little bit windy but I've been lucky and made it out for two short walks in between the showers. I missed a hail storm by about a minute and half with my first walk!!!

Over on Scrap Addicts it's time for the November scrap layout and it has been my privilege to present this months challenge - a little late as I'm sorry, I forgot!

With the added color theme of: SHADES OF THE SAME COLOUR

Fancy having a go? Then head on over to craftbubble and check out the Scrap Addicts group here

Anyway, I hope your weather is better than ours in Bristol ..... Happy Thursday

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Katiejane said...

What a shame the weather is so bad! We have 20 degrees and beautiful sunshine -it's crazy weather right now!
Hope the weather clears and you get chance to walk over the weekend.
Katie xx