Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hi there it's the post Boxing Day Boxing Day!!

and, if it's anything like usual there's just something a little flat about today ...... after all the frantic activity over recent weeks with the present buying/wrapping/giving and the same with the cards!, yet today? NOTHING except a fridge full of left overs and the feeling that you can't face another turkey sandwich!

Must be time for some on-line surfing of the sales then! I did some trawling yesterday and am now expecting two parcels to arrive in the coming days - yee haa! Might do some more today as I have received a whole load of e-mail sales notifications, now .... where DID I put my credit card?

Yesterday saw us at the home of one of the surrogates (actually, real mum's home this year) for dinner, a few drinkies, silly games and (of course) the Secret Santa exchange. Harry (surrogate grandson) played Santa and sometime photographer and I'm going out on a limb here and saying that everyone was delighted with their selection this year, as most years. What did I get out of yesterday's entertaining evening? Well, aside from my giftie of a DVD and Amazon gift voucher, I began to realise that I shouldn't be trying a spelling competition after I've had a few! OOOPS. The boys challenged the girls to a "pub quiz" and (given they had the benefit of Steve, Chris and Alan on their side - all of whom have a passing interest in sport) we girls came second!! I was pretty proud of getting three whole sports questions right but it STILL wasn't enough! Becky and Dawn have about as much sporting interest as I do and Nick was asking the questions. We enjoyed the company, the food, the games and the gifts - thanks, Surrogates and a Happy New Year.

My Secret Santa giftie

My S.S. gift was for Becky - I think she liked it!

Steve's S.S. was for Nick and she liked hers too

As the games draw to a close we realise there's a joker in every pack!

However you spend your Tuesday, I hope it's a good one - all the best. I'm off to play with some of my new craft stash in a mo so I may yet be back with a second post - watch this space!


Sandy said...

You all look like you had an enjoyable day, I never remember to take photos!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm off to do a spot of shopping.