Monday, 2 January 2012

2nd post - challenge entry!

Wotcher peeps,

2nd post for me ......... my previous post dealt with this knotty problem too so, if you want to see how it evolved then please check out today's earlier post.

Well, rightly or wrongly - I THINK my first class over at Strathmore is complete and here it is - what DO you think? I'm still very much in two minds about it. It's taken me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay left of centre in my personal comfort zone and, as I look at it, all I see is rubbish but this IS my first attempt so - maybe it gets easier with practise!

Have a great Monday evening - looking forward to your comments - be gentle with me!


clare said...

i love the softness and delicate doodling kathy. it looks lovely! x

Bev said...

Kathy, I like it very much, you have balanced it just enough.


Louise said...

I love it Kathy. I watched the video and didn't know where to start not having hardly any of the correct things and it all being a bit too unstructured. I love what you have done though- it is unique to you and I think nicer than what was made on the video as it has more detail and character. I'm sure you will feel more at home with the techniques after a while.

Brenda Brown said...

It looks to me as though you have had great fun with this Kathy and it looks really cool. I don't know why you are so worried about it.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Cherry said...

Ooooo Mrs K I think that is fabarooney. Love the star with its shining strands you have very cleverly added to your space. Love the dreamy quality and the softness of the edges. The freedom is a little unnerving I have to agree.

I wonder whether that is something you get use to? Time will tell. Keep going PP think back to the firsts of anything - always a bit of getting use to. Honestly I think that is a great piece.

I've added a bit more and now have a problem corner - waiting for it to dry and will post a pic. Thinking of gesso-ing it and adding something different - do think that's allowed? Hugs Cherry

Cheryl said...

oh hun you should not be worried at all about this it really is a beautiful piece hun honest just love it,happy new year too hugs cherylxxxxx

Emma E said...

Hi Kathy! I always read your blog and don't often leave a comment *blush* but I have to tell you there is definately nothing rubbish with your beautiful work - and yes I do think its beautiful! So there!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Its beautiful Kathy. Love the colour scheme and the lovely soft feel. Perfick!

judit said...

Hi Kathy, I know I don't often leave comments but I had to say now that it looks cool, like a cool designer paper... there you go. Love the colours and the star was a good addition as well.