Monday, 2 January 2012

Afternoon and here we are at Monday again

Second day of January 2012 already - the year's just whizzing by - alright, own up - who started their 2012 Christmas shopping in the sales??? Don't be afraid to admit it!

And WHO has already broken about all of their New Year Resolutions? I gave up making them years ago because I never lasted more than a couple of days - don't think many do. What is it the gyms say? Membership surges in January as people make resolutions but, by March over 75% have lapsed their attendance - hmmmmmmmmmmm

One thing I DID want to do in 2012 was more journaling ..... Over on Craft Mad and Loving It a couple of crafting buddies signed up for a class in doodling and mixed media. Well the mixed media appealed to me as I thought it would help with my journaling but I was never sure about the doodling. Check out the on-line class here, some very talented people appear to have signed up ...... about 2000 of them and all seem to be more talented than me! The class appeared on-line and I eagerly watched the video and downloaded the printable instructions. Materials were a problem but I figured that, with the amount of stash I own, I MUST be able to cobble something together! The only thing I appear to be lacking is fundamental however ........ creativity. My crafting buddies Cherry and Clare seem to be doing so well with their pieces so it must be me - it's doodling for goodness sake, not rocket science but I just seem to lack the imagination - here's my progress so far .......

I gathered my materials and laid down protection for my work surface

This was my 2nd attempt and I'm NOT showing my first!

A bit further on - it's not finished by any means - got a gap bottom right for a start!

Anyway, how do you think it's looking? Anyone else signed up for this class? How's everyone getting on with it? I just feel it looks like junk ....... there's no doubt about it - I AM OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!, and that's official! I love the stamping element and might incorporate stamps in that missing corner! Whaddya reckon?

Weather here's been complete pants all day though I did make it out for a walk and didn't get wet - which was (I think) pretty lucky looking out there right now .... AND it hasn't gotten light all blooming day!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday


Bev said...

I think it looks pretty ok to me Kathy, I wonder why I didn't guess it would have a purple hue to it???? When you have added something to the bottom right corner I think you should be pretty pleased for the first (2nd) attempt.


Brenda Brown said...

It looks pretty good to me Kathy and if it's out of your comfort zone then that means you will get something from it. I am looking forward to seeing more.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Katiejane said...

For someone out of their comfort zone this looks pretty great to me. Lovely mystical colours and great composition.
All the best for the new year.
Katie x