Monday, 16 January 2012

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week!

Hi folks,

Cold and frosty start to the day today AND we had to set an alarm as we both had an early (for us) dental appointment. The plan had been to walk to the appointment but with the risk of slipping we decided to take the car instead. It was a bit like the photo below when we looked out this morning (although this photo was actually taken in 2010) but the sun is shining now and the temperature has risen (not speedily enough though) from -1° to a balmy 0°C!!!

Back from the dentist and, happily, no treatment required so that's that for six months!

Decided it was time to do some scrap booking as I have a lovely cruise, Christmas and a few other bits and bobs just waiting for me to get creative with! So, this morning I trawled through and selected a couple of snaps to scrap ..... printed them off and I'm ready to rock and roll - just as soon as the inspiration takes me.

Yesterday my drawers were annoying me - drawers being of the storage variety - HONESTLY!!! So I headed off in search of some clear boxes, with a view to putting my unmounted stamps in to those instead of the IKEA drawers which are currently fit to burst in a couple of categories! So far I have taken out the unmounted images from my people, animals and foliage drawers and this is what I have ........ FYI, the coloured boxes inside the bigger boxes contain my small single images - those which might otherwise get lost beneath the sets!! The storage those images are inside came from IKEA but I couldn't face IKEA on a Sunday afternoon I'm afraid!

Hurrah, I can once again see all my wood mounted images in the drawers. Hmmmm - wonder how long it will take me to file those up again and, in the meantime, where the heck am I going to keep these new storage boxes since I craft cramped in a space behind the couch! Wish me luck ..... and a prevailing wind!!!

Happy Monday - what's on your agenda?


Cheryl said...

great photo hun,and super layout,love your storage too hun ,Cheryl xx

Debs M said...

great photo and lovely new storage boxes x

scrappyjacky said...

I think I need to find a better way to store my stamps as well.

catherine said...

hope everything went ok at the dentist. I was there with my daughter today. Major achievement- injection for the first time and tooth problem gone. Who was nervous more me or her?. Love your storage . I wish i could stay organised.
x catherine

Dora said...

Wow there definitely looks so cold brrr I can't live he he .. me too need some good storage boxes because I use simple cardboard ones which are all falling apart. Hugs xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Left home this morning at 10 to 7 it was -0.5, got to work around 20 to 8 it was -2, really, really cold!!!
Know what you mean about buying boxes to get organised and then where to store them. Been there too.
Glad your teeth are gonna last for at least another 6 months.
Have a great week.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Katiejane said...

LOL I had to giggle at the "drawers" bit! If you ever move house, they will have to crane your stash out :)
Wise idea to avoid IKEA on a Sunday, it's bad enough in the week!