Friday, 23 March 2012

Hi there and welcome to the Friday Funny!

Hi there,

Back from Florida on yesterday's flight out of Orlando. We were about 45 minutes late boarding due to an aircraft change but the flight was less than half full so we boarded quickly and were only about 20 minutes late pushing back - longish flight at nearly 8½ hours when it's usually closer to 7½ - but that was the weather and there's pretty much nothing anyone can do about that!

Our trains were on time, though we slept most of the journey from Gatwick to Reading - fortunately the service terminates at Reading else we could have finished up anywhere!!

Now begins the process of finding homes for everything!! and sorting through the MOUNTAIN of post! Where does it all come from? I ask myself .... we're on the mailing preference service too!

Lots of lovely letters from trading card buddies so it's a good job I cracked on and made a Fair few whilst in Florida as it looks like plenty will be heading out over the weekend!

So, so far? No crafting so today's post is just to say hi to you all and to post the Friday Funny - because I know you lot expect it!

This week's Friday Funny comes from Jacky ........ you KNOW it's only a paint job but still ..... wouldn't it creep you out to board these buses?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend, whatever you have planned. Me? I'll be getting back to normal (if there is such a thing!) and will see you all tomorrow when there will be new challenges over on Craftbubble and Simply Less Is More to share with you all.


scrappyjacky said...

I do love those buses....and welcome back.

Debs M said...

ooh some of those are nasty!!! hope you are not too jetlagged, nice to have you back x

SHARY said...

Welcome home Kathy x