Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Welcome to hump day Wednesday

Which, of course, also doubles as What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!!! Not much is the answer!

My regular readers will know that I've just returned from Florida and it's always so very sad to have to pack away my crafting goodies - till next time, crafting goodies!!! It'll soon come round. Of course, taking wonderful vacations is not without it's downside ..... you should see the mountain of mail we've come back to and OMG!!! THE GRASS!!!

It was, however, like coming home to a second birthday! Having had lots of lovely cards in Florida here's the batch I came home to - that you all so very, very much if you sent me a card - hope you can see it here.

These are the cards that were waiting on my mat when we got home yesterday - THANK YOU EVERYONE

Here's how my craft room looked on Monday! Boo sob. FYI the hairdryer you can see on the floor came in very handy for drying inks but has now been returned to the bathroom where it can, once again, be used for the purpose it was intended for!

And here's how my work desk looks now .......

Now all I have to do is find room for all my new stash!

Happy Wednesday - just think, it's downhill all the way to the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Bittersweet to come home Kathy, but at least you know you'll be going back again at some point! Hope those stamps are ok now I've offered them for a prize!! I have two other sets from that range and I haven't had a problem with them.

Brenda 126

Debs M said...

well if you can't find room im sure there will be lots of offers to 'look' after your new goodies! x

Katiejane said...

You are going to need an extension soon for all those goodies Mrs PP!
Look at all those beautiful cards, you are one lucky lady.
Have a great day.
Katie x

Kathryn said...

Hey welcome back lol x your grass pic made me giggle mine is getting a bit long and I've not been anywhere lol x