Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hi there and welcome to WOYWDW!

Well, now that the Bank Holiday is over I HAD hoped the weather would improve but, sadly, I was mistaken. It's reasonably warm (at 16°c) but hovers between chucking it down in lumps and being quite sunny!! What is that all about????

Hubby's gone off to Gloucester for the day, by train, I dropped him at the station this morning and he said he would walk home but ........ I'm waiting for a call to ask for a lift home!! Not that I mind, it IS only a 7 minute walk/5 minute drive away!

Having dropped him off this morning I thought I would head to IKEA as there were one or two things I wanted to look at and/or buy. No point going to IKEA too late in the day as it gets sooooo crowded and it IS half term this week so a nice early drop off (09:30) meant I was parked at IKEA 10 minutes before they opened for sales, though you can get in to look round (!?!) - I was half way round with my shopping when the announcement said the store was open for purchase and I walked straight to the till - HURRAH. I now have a couple of items for a crafting retreat weekend in July where two friends and I will set about turning these ordinary items in to something more extraordinary - wish us luck! I can't share the items bought for this crafting project but here is something else which I bought, just for me to play with!

On my way home I called a pal (who is on half term this week) but she was up to her eyes in some work related project ....... so I carried on to What! - the store, that is. Now we used to have a couple of these in Bristol and they'd proven VERY useful for craft items and I bought some GORGEOUS patterned -I want to call it tissue paper but it's much nicer than that - almost organza paper. Bad news folks - both of them are closing down!! NO!!! Yes, they are and, if my trip to the Fishponds branch is anything to go by then, they'll potentially be closed very SOON! It's always a shame when a business closes down but this branch was in a small retail development and had two of the largest units - only one other is currently occupied and once What! goes then it will probably not be far behind. I was looking for a set of plastic storage drawers as my workspace has expanded (yet again) beyond its capacity! Ooopsie.

Yes, it's Wednesday today (NOT Monday) and this means it's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday and I'll tell you what's on my work desk ....... I started a scrap book layout of a recent trip to San Francisco. I took a 12" x 12" blank page and adhered a street map of San Francisco and then gesso'd over the top - it was at this point that it took on a life of its own and bubbled - it must surely be dry by now but I hardly dare go look as I really don't yet have a plan B to move on to if the bubbles are all still present - I suppose I COULD slice the bubbles with a craft knife and insert glue ........... failing that I'll have to position my pix and ephemera very carefully - hmmmm - still a work in progress I fear! Well - further investigations reveal that SOME of the bubbles have gone - think I may slit open the large on and insert glue and simply position the ephemera carefully round the others ..... what do you think?

Happy Wednesday - short week this week so it will soon be the weekend, I'm sure many of you are feeling like it's Monday, in which case you are in for a lovely surprise!!


scrappyjacky said...

Retail stores closing seems to be sadly a mark of the times.

My name is Wynneth said...

Sounds like a busy but satisfying morning kathy. We have had some nice sunshiney spells between the heavy rain showers so far. As I type this, we are back into one of the showers - bloomin typical as the window cleaner has just finished - boo.... what a waste of money that was then ! Hope your bubble bursts (in the nicest possible way !) and you are able to retrieve the LO.

Brenda Brown said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create with your goodies. Bet you are feeling the cold!!!
hugs {brenda} xox

Cherry said...

Mmmmm - what are you creating Mrs K? Something magical I am sure. Burst the bubbles! What a thought. Hope Mr K had fun too. Hugs C XXX

Lilian said...

Places are closing all over and its a not nice. Went to Yate [a town near us] and the clothes shop that was there has closed and in its place another 99p shop I think thats three they have there and I am sure they will not all last,
Looking foward to seeing what you make with the frame Kathy.

EmmGee said...

Glad you're back safely! I found the What store a bit of a let down when I visited some time ago, bought a couple of things but not too excited. Each to his.her own. Good luck with the scrap page, try some journaling techniques - eg pierce/slit the air bubbles, or just leave them. Doodle round them would probably be an interesting way to start. Enjoy it. EmG

Anonymous said...

Piercing bubbles and filling with glue is making my mind boggle!! Hope you get it sorted. Always enjoy a good trip to Ikea, but it does get incredibly busy!

Brenda 94

Katiejane said...

Ooh, I wonder what it will look like come July?
I need to go to IKEA for fabric before I can finish my quilt! Some how I always come out with 50%stuff I don't need ;)
How does that happen!