Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's Thursday and there's not much going on

Morning folks,

It's one of those funny old days for me today.

Nothing on the telly again last night so we found ourselves at a loose end. A couple of years ago now we bought ourselves a hand held scanner - with a view to scanning all of our old negatives and slides on to the computer and getting rid of a great pile of said slides and negatives. It would also leave me free to scrap a few of the more choice photos from our past and get rid of a pile of albums which neither of us really ever look through. Of course, we unpacked it to make sure it was OK when it arrived and then ............ nothing! It simply sat on the shelf gathering dust - until last night! Hmmmm, not the quickest chore we've tackled as you have to load your slides and/or negatives in to a carrier and, with slides, it's three at a time!

Well, I can tell you that we had a few chuckles .... and a few have already gone in the bin! However, I am prepared to share this one photograph, taken in Manorbier (near Tenby, South Wales, in case you don't know where it is) in 1983 ....... when I was much slimmer!! Ah well - the good old days - when it was OK to wear black with brown (which I STILL like btw) - I DO remember that jumper too ..... it was a real cosy fluffy and snuggly one ...... I probably wore it till it was smooth before I could be parted from it! I remember Manorbier too, it's a tiny little place with two pubs, a post office, church one small hotel and a beach ........ and a castle which is probably most famous as having been the backdrop for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I'd been there once, with my parents when I was about 12 or 13 and we rented a cottage just a couple of minutes walk from the beach. So, when I grew up and met my now hubby I took him there too - by the looks of the photo it wasn't exactly warm though!

Now I'm off to take a shower and hubby wants the computer - I MAY be back later, wonder if I could create a project using the photo above as inspiration - whaddya think?

Have a great Thursday


clare said...

fab photo kathy, have a good thursday. x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I also look back at old photos and fondly remember the clothes I had at the time! Why are some clothes more memorable than others??

scrappyjacky said...

Well,you could certainly create a scrap page.

Zippy said...

Great photo. Its fun looking at photos from years ago, I was doing that the other day when I found one of me when I was a toddler many many years ago! Xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Great pic young kathy, I too like the brown/black colour combo. Happy memories eh? Can't beat em :oD I'm sure this has sparked the idea for a card, or at least an ATC !!! Looking forward to seeing your creation and maybe a LO or two with new-found old snaps ?