Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday again - good weekend?

Hi there readers,

Hope you all had a good weekend and I hope that the weather didn't interfere too much with any plans. It was certainly rather wet and wild here in Bristol.

It was definitely more of a weekend to stay indoors and craft! So, I did just that on Sunday. Saturday was taken up at the surrogates with the assembly of flat pack furniture but hey ..... makes a change and my hubby is now fully au fait with self assembly furniture!, should we ever find ourselves taking delivery of any!

Yesterday morning I did something I don't normally do which is, to watch Create and Craft! I caught a few minutes of Rosemary Merry's scrapping show and she produced a "brag book" from one single piece of 12" x 12" paper. She called it a MAZE book because of the way it's put together, with just three cuts and six folds!!!! I used double sided paper though you could just as easily use single sided, especially if you plan to heavily embellish. It's probably more important not to use too thick a paper, so that the folds are crisp

The bare brag book .... think I'll die cut some slightly smaller tags - these board tags look as though they will be too thick, once embellished, for the book to close properly

Closed and fastened

Additional materials:
  • Length of satin ribbon, for fastening
  • Piece of stiff card (cut in to two squares very slightly larger than the brag book - I made mine 8cm)
  • Piece of scrap paper to cover the card (I cut mine in to two pieces 10½ cm) cover
  • Tags, ribbons, photos and embellishments - to finish and decorate
  • Circle punch - to cut tabs out of the pockets for the easy removal of tags

Not convinced it was THAT simple? Hmm - well then, I could recommend that you watch this youtube video here, it makes it all look even easier!! My tip would be ..... always make sure you half ½" of excess ribbon across the back opening otherwise your album won't open far.

It really MUST have been that simple because I made more ........

2nd 3" square MAZE book, with all pockets filled with tags

Then I thought I would try a bigger format but fewer pages, using a sheet of A4

You'll see from the last one that I made my album format bigger but with fewer pages by using the A4 card and that I used the leftover card and paper (from the tags and album cover) to make decorative panels within the book. I only used the top opening pages for my tags to make the closure neater.

What do you think? Bigger format or more pages?

I see we got knocked out of the footie - wonder if this means the rubbish on telly will improve!!?!?!? Probably not because, surprise surprise, Wimbledon fortnight begins today and then we're straight in to the Olympics - for a non sportlover like me it's going to hell on earth for the next month or so!!! If you are a sportlover then - ENJOY!!!

Hope you are enjoying a spiffy Monday and that the weather is improving where you are - the wettest June on record? I should say so!


scrappyjacky said... least today it's bright and sunny....wonder how long it will last though!!
Love those brag books,Kathy...and I think the size would probably depend on exactly what I wanted to put in it....both would be the thought of using double sided as well.

Vicky Hayes said...

I can't believe this was a quick and easy project Kathy - must go and have a look! Your books are just gorgeous and I agree with you about the thinner tags. I'm with you on the sporting front too - could easily live without it - bring back Downton Abbey I say! Vicky x

Lilian said...

Loving that kathy. Might see if i can do that sometime. Hugs

SHARY said...

Well done Kathy you made the maze books look lovely and simple to do.I must try harder :0)

Cheryl said...

oh this is brilliant Hun I love making these books,and this is simply amazing,the detail and papers are just beautiful,hugs Cherylxxxxxx

Debs M said...

loving those books!!! off to look at the vid x

Berni Cuttino said...

Beautiful project, lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet love. Hugs

clare said...

They are both fab, love the colours. Definitely going to give them a try. X

My name is Wynneth said...

Fabulous Maze Books kathy, I love the papers you've used too. I think the A4 bigger/less pages version would be best for a mini album/brag book as a larger photo could be added to the pages. The smaller/more pages version would bed perfect for a mini journal with all those pockets in which to hide 'works of art' and lots to explore and see. Haven't made one of these for years, must have another go, have only done the A4 version previously.

Katiejane said...

Bigger format for sure, but they are all fab. I've not watched C&C for years. I'm intrigued what you'll do with them.
I guess it was always going to be England out at some point. Now time for me to support Germany! I have to say, #23(Gomez) does take my fancy ;)
Katie x

EmmGee said...

Love making little books, will be straight over to look at this video to remind myself of this technique. Thanks! EmG

EmmGee said...

Excellent video, will certainly give these a try. Possibly a class for our next crop meet. Some info/details of how you engineered the A4 card one would be very useful please.