Monday, 4 June 2012

Welcome to Jubilee Monday


How's your Jubilee weekend working out? I hope that any festivities you were attending/organising haven't been spoiled by the weather. It's been pretty pants with us here in Bristol and, whilst the sun is shining as I type this ....... I fear it may only be a temporary respite!

Welcome to new follower, Lynda Gilbert, I hope you will find yourself popping back from time to time too.

We're cat sitting this week and we headed off, yesterday, to visit with the lovely Iris who's such a pretty little cat! Apparently, she's not keen on dried food so we were asked to give her wet food at each visit. What the surrogates didn't warn us was that young Iris would be desperate to get at the wet food and nearly ended up wearing it! Bless. Still, duty done, as Iris ploughed her way through the entire tray in no time flat - swear we could nearly have put her bowl away as clean!!! After making a fuss of her for a few minutes she ambled off so we locked up and headed home - whereupon the heavens opened as we got out of the car - knew we should have taken an umbrella! - ah yes, the wisdom of ..... hindsight!

Yesterday morning was so bleuugh that hubby didn't get to go flying either and he was pretty keen to go as he's not had the opportunity for six weeks now. Ho hum, no point though, as the grass was so wet AND it was raining - bit of a no brainer there! I, however, have an indoor hobby which I WAS able to indulge ......

Materials used:
  • 12½cm square, scallop edged 300 gsm white card and matching envelope
  • 12 cm square black card
  • 11½ cm square patterned paper "Beach Babe" - free with latest issue of CM&P
  • Sewing machine to stitch black and pattern panels together
  • Panel of white card to which I stamped my Lavinia floral image, inked using versamark ink and then pan pastel'd with magenta and set using hairspray
  • Dark Room Door dotty image inked using versamark and then light red oxide pan pastel applied over the top before setting with hairspray - memo to self: MUST place new pastel fixative within reach!!!!
  • Image panel then matted on to black card
  • Pink ribbon (also free with the papers in the issue of CM&P)
  • 5 faux crystal gemstones adhered to complete the card
I like the above card but part of me is wishing that I had thought of the dotty image first and the Lavinia image second!!! I just think it would look crisper - who's with me?

This morning saw me up with the lark - well, for me anyway!! Our pal, Liz, is due to join us for dinner and I'm on chef duty - now poor Liz has done nothing to offend me so she's having one of the few dishes I make that usually turn out well!! So, chilli it is then! Slow cooker on by 8 and I started chopping the ingredients. The great thing about chilli (or anything else) in a slow cooker is that you get to clear up well before your guests appear and dinner appears, almost like magic!! I'll allow myself the sin of lifting the lid around lunchtime when I'll adjust seasoning and thickness and then that's it till it's time to serve with rice. I did THINK about asking Steve to make one of his signature yummy loaves but ........ reckon there's enough chilli to feed a small army in that slow cooker!
Happy Jubilee Monday!


My name is Wynneth said...

Patches of blue sky and a little sunshine here in Cornwall at the mo' but it's chilly (only 15 deg C). Nice card kathy, I think you're right though, Lavinia image would have been crisper if stamped/PP'd last. Still, it is a great design this way too.

Debs M said...

woohoo, i think it looks great, loving the spotty/pink combo x

Lilian said...

Love the card

Berni Cuttino said...

Beautiful, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the love. Hugs. Berni