Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Morning and What IS on your Work Desk this Wednesday????

Further to purchasing some additional storage last weekend my desk is looking a little tidier than of late AND I can see the floor - not seen for quite a while. I just got fed up of moving this to reach that and so on!!

ALSO, the ongoing saga of the pretty card and the LIME GREEN ribbon!! ...... I realised my mistake once I'd stuck the card together and was then just a smidge snookered. Brenda Brown suggested using pan pastels to colour the ribbon to a more suitable colour and it DID look better but the ribbon was so textured that I was unable to achieve  something I was entirely happy with so there was nothing for it ....... armed with a very sharp pair of pointed scissors I carefully cut away all traces of the lime (now magenta) textured ribbon and set about finding an alternative. I found some white grosgrain that was almost as wide and coloured it using a magenta pro marker ..... what do you think?

BEFORE, with the lime ribbon which I loved but it didn't really match!!

AFTER, with the ribbon which matches MUCH better!!!

 I have finally started working on my very first art journal proper. I've done some journal-ish pages and a couple of A.J. style canvases but bought my first journal only last week. Yesterday I managed to gesso and paint the first and second layers of paint and today I feel the urge to break out the Dylusions inks and templates and maybe (just maybe) some pan pastels - watch this hopefully creative space .... someone once said that there are no mistakes in art (it was Kate Crane, on her journaling DVD's - thanks Kate!)

First I laid down a layer of yellow and white acrylic, applied with a baby wipe, wiping from left to right.
Next I squished some purple and some silver acrylic paint and applied using a credit card, from top to bottom and then set aside to dry overnight ..... I had some ideas using masks and stamps, inks and pastels ...........

It's a little fuzzy but you get the idea with the inks added ..

Altered Dolly Mama Christmas image - we're not done here btw!!!

Now for some template and inks/pp's/paints and some phrases ....

Happy Wednesday folks, here's hoping you will all be enjoying a craft-y day.


scrappyjacky said...

It definately matches better,Kathy.
I like the look of your new storage.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

It's sure to be a lovely piece of art once you've finished with it.

Sarn xxx

Zippy said...

The second ribbon definitely looks better hun xxx

Debs M said...

def the after shot! x

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of people have a goose story to tell, I've had a few left in my comments! They're just so unpredictable! Always nice to have more storage, although if you're anything like me, you'll fill it pretty quick and need some more. Think the card is better with the magenta ribbon on it.


My name is Wynneth said...

It does look much improved with the new colour ribbon kathy, such a pity the other one had to go as it was a yummmy colour ! Just not the colour for this particular creation ! Great start to your first AJ missus, I'm working my way backwards, so have already left you comments on in the later post.