Monday, 16 July 2012

Another week - will it rain?

Morning and welcome to Monday,

St. Swithins Day yesterday and we got NO RAIN!! Does this mean the jinx is over? When we got back from Florida we had two glorious days and it's rained all or part of pretty much every single day since! Summer? I DON'T THINK SO! It's raining already today!!!

Of to the dentist for me this morning - whoop de doo - NOT! I don't much care for a trip to the dentist and it's a real chore to make myself go every six months but ........ HUZZAH - no treatment for me and my dentist tells me I'm doing a great job of looking after my teeth too - gold star then! Asked for a receipt for my treatment and they produced this pretty lamentable copy - problems with their printer they said!! I know all about it - read on!

Managed a little light crafting yesterday after I did the card for the pan pastels challenge. I decided on a scrap book layout and set off to print three photos and some journaling. Took me several attempts as my photo printer decided to take itself off-line half way through printing .... not once but twice, GRRRRR. Don't you hate it when technology snarls up? I tried everything I could think of and then gave up and summoned the I.T. department (a.k.a. my hubby) who tweaked and fiddled and pronounced there to be nothing wrong .... and guess what? Presto, the perfect print!!! Grrrr again! On to the finished product whilst still gritting my teeth! I chose to record three photos of my crafting weekend, the top photo shows my pal and I crafting like crazy women!, the middle one just shows my pal with one of her super makes (a maze book)and the bottom one show three pals at the Newbury Art Stamps show on the Sunday - a splendid day. I used a layout from a challenge some months ago ......

Happy Monday - hope it's not raining where you are!


scrappyjacky said...

It's already raining here!!!
Love the design of the LO.

Debs M said...

great page, shame about the bloomin printer! x

Louise said...

I soooo hope it doesn't rain alll week! (Pleaseeee be sunny at the weekend at least.) x

Zippy said...

Love the scrap book lay-out, looks like you had great fun!
We had lovely weather on Sunday, warm and sunny but today back to the usual rain. I give up on the hope that we will ever have a summer this year! xxx

Lilian said...

Love the layout Kathy. It looking good. It was raining here yesterday ALL DAY.

Hugs Lilian