Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Phewww, what a scorcher?!

Yesterday was!!! It topped 30°c here (that's 86°f) and we're not really used to those temperatures in the U.K. (without the benefit of A/C). After a second restless night with the heat I find myself actually missing the cold wet weather of last week!! Never happy about the weather, we Brits! (well, some of us anyway!)

Yesterday, I met up with two ladies that I had the privilege to go to school with - waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 60's and oh my gosh what a lot has happened since then! We don't get the chance to get together anything like as often as we would like but, when we do, it's like our last meeting was only yesterday - fabulous to feel so comfortable with friends, isn't it? You know how real life sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans? WELL ........ I had arranged to collect Naomi from home around 11 and the plan was to walk her little Maltese terrier, Mally, before shutting him in for a couple of hours. The weather conspired against us as it was plainly too warm to be walking a dog in a fur coat by the time I arrived so we sat in the conservatory enjoying a civilised chat and a coffee. It was at this point that real life stepped in to conspire against us ...... Naomi's daughter asked for a lift to work in the centre of Bristol - in itself not an issue - the problem was that the roadworks prevented us from moving around the town centre for ten minutes!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH and then ...... Naomi suffered a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction with the vent in her dress which, left unattended, seemed likely to render the dress a two piece - with neither piece attached to her! As you can imagine, we decided that was not an option so had to nip home for her to change. It's lucky our other friend, Andrea, is such a good friend that she was patiently waiting for us as we breezed in rather later than planned. We enjoyed a lovely leisurely lunch of grilled chicken and baked potato and we asked our waitress to take the annual lunch photo of the three of us. To those who remember Eddie Shah's TODAY newspaper when it first came out (and the print quality) you will realise that it was only sensible of me to take alternate shots too! Lunch completed we then adjourned back to Naomi's for further chat, coffee and a little light football - with Mally!!!, before I dropped Andrea back at her car and headed home.

Of course, dinner at home turned out to be cheese and biscuits since we ladies had "lunched" whilst watching Superstar, thank heavens RORY has made it to the final!!

I've woken this morning to find it's even hotter than yesterday and I'm already meltinnnnnnnnnnnngggg! We've surrogate family arriving this evening with a BBQ planned so we're hoping it will have cooled slightly by then. Becky's due date looms large and she is suffering more than a little in this heat - let's hope my services as a midwife will NOT be required this evening!

I decided to crack on and scrap yesterday right away ...... so here is the photo of my work desk as I started .... for What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday and below that, the finished layout

Have a fab Wednesday - it's downhill all the way to the weekend now!!


Ardyth said...

What a lovely day (despite a few mishaps!) I've been to Bristol a few times (although not for about 20 years!) - lovely city! It's great to get the layout done right away while the memories are fresh! How fun!

scrappyjacky said...

Wonderful to be meeting school friends like that....quite a bit of catching up to do!!
We Brits certainly are never happy with the's far too hot here now!!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Sounds like a fun day after the initial difficulties.

Melting here in the office.

Sarn xxx

Viv said...

Glad you had a good day out Kathy, boiling here still too :) Viv xx