Friday, 13 July 2012

TGIF peeps!

As another weekend approaches and the weather is still so pants, what are you planning to do in order to take your mind off of the GREAT (!?!?!?) British Summer???

Of course, LAST weekend I really didn't care what the weather was like as I had a crafting buddy coming to stay and craft on our agenda!! Sunday was spent at the Newbury Artstamps show so a brill weekend all round for me ..... but this week, not so much on the agenda.

IN FACT, it's been dullsville for much of the week. Highlight of my week appears to be the collection of my new glasses today and a hair cut yesterday ..... which I NEARLY forgot by the way. Strange that I should almost forget that I had an appointment booked as my hair (or more accurately my fringe/bangs) has been driving me mental! I'd been trying to grow it out and it had reached the mid point ...... I've been so fed up of peering through curtains and having it whipping in to my eyes in the wind that I've opted to have it cut back in - I SURRENDER!

Anyhoo, yesterday the weather was rubbish so, aside from nipping to the hairdresser, I decided to stay in and craft. I had set the July challenge on Scrap Addicts and thought it was high time I got round to doing the sketch layout.

Materials used:
  • 12" x 12" white paper
  • Art Warehouse dot flourishes
  • Versamark ink
  • Memento rose bud
  • Pan Pastels in violet tint, violet and magenta
  • Sofft chiselled oval tool
  • Winsor and Newton pastel fixative
In case you don't remember the sketch.

And now for the Friday Funny which comes to us courtesy of Pat - thanks Pat. I hope you will enjoy this, it came to me in e-mail form entitled: THEY WALK AMONG US

No captions required - judge for yourself .... they sure seem to (walk among us, that is!!!)

Guess this poor woman really didn't want to be a millionaire after all then!!! I bet she was embarrassed when she was off air and had time to think about the question - I know I would be.

Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend folks


scrappyjacky said...

Very purple and messy today!!!

Debs M said...

great page and pics! oh my would be mortified!!! x

Lilian said...

Lovely Page Kathy.
i would die if that was me on not spotting the answer there in front of me.

Carole said...

You are too funny. Thanks for the visit and comment. I wonder how you got to my blog?