Monday, 13 August 2012

First day of the NO-lympics

And all you sports buffs will be feeling a little flat. Didn't Team GB do well? Best games in over 100 years seems to be the general consensus. Lord Coe and Boris Johnson appear to have co-ordinated everything perfectly, no doubt with the help of hundreds (if not thousands) of people. I hear the closing ceremony was fantastic too - not that I watched much of it, as a non sports oriented person I've found myself reading a lot more this last two weeks but one can't but help but become infected by the enthusiasm everywhere.

As my regular blog followers will be aware, I bought a new journal book on Friday and started work on it on Saturday - you may even have visited and seen layers one and two. I can now share layer three, which has the added bonus of some acrylic paint (applied using a wine cork and a bottle cap) and even some glitter (applied to the acrylic paint whilst still wet)!!

The weather forecast for the Balloon Fiesta was not looking good so, when a pal published a sketch challenge for a scrap book layout, I feared that I would not have the opportunity to scrap the 2012 version and came up with this instead, using an atmospheric photo of the 2011 Fiesta.

As recent blog visitors will also know, it's been the weekend of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and it's not been as successful as the Olympics!! Sadly, it's been too windy or too cloudy and then, yesterday morning we had thunder and lightning added to the mix. HOWEVER, last evenings mass ascent DID take place AND the wind was in a more suitable direction so we got to seem them making their way over Bristol in our general direction - hurrah

These photos were both taken from our garden

Have a great Monday


scrappyjacky said...

Glad the balloon fest managed something!!
I'm not a sports buff at all,but have found myself loving these Olympics....and the Closing Ceremony was great.
The TV is now firmly off.....and back to crafting.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Afternoon Kathy. Loving your journal page and scrap LO. Smashing balloon pics too. Thank goodness you got to see a few at least. Lx