Monday, 24 September 2012

What? Another week? Already?

What happened to the weekend?

I'm sure you've worked out, by now, that we've been away for the weekend - went to visit our pals in Essex, dined at the Blue Strawberry in Hatfield Peverel - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! Check it out here. You'll be astonished (I'm sure!) to hear that we had an excellent time but, after an excellent Sunday lunch, it was time to leave and head off in to the wide blue yonder - that'll be the M25 then!. I'll post some pix just as soon as I can but it's not going to be today - sorry if you are salivating over what we might have had to eat!

In the meantime here's some crafting to share with you all. Remember when Lauren came to stay in early July? We did some journaling and I had bought a couple of £2.99 IKEA mirrors. I'm ashamed to say that mine remained the same from then right up until Friday when I started work on it again. It was NEARLY finished but just lacked a little "je ne sais quoi"!!!

Remember how it looked? NO? Me either, it was that long ago .... so here's a reminder of how it was left at the end of that weekend.

Right, so ....... armed with this I started by taking a mini clipboard

And covered it with tissue tape before inking up my Hero Arts foliage image with versamark ink ..... then applying magenta pan pastel which I set with fixative. Next I took my Tim Holtz blending tool (with the felt pad) and alcohol inks in pinks and metallic + some blending fluid and ... BINGO!!!

Elsewhere, I found my Paper Artsy krunchy wax paper flower that I had made whilst in Essex with Lauren (funny how we are such great crafting buddies - she MADE me do it ...... in the absence of the lovely Wynneth who would have loved to join us!) and here's how the mirror looks right now - still not totally sure it's finished - how about you lot? I'm thinking stamping to the right and left sides but ........ what sort of image is my dilemma, any ideas?

Happy Monday


scrappyjacky said...

It looks beautifully finished now.....but a little bit of stamping might add some extra 'je ne sais quoi'
Glad you had a great weekend.

Brenda Brown said...

Sounds like a fun weekend you all had. Glad it was a great time.
Love the mirror so far. I personally think I would add some more 3D things rather than stamp, but then that's me who cant say stop lol.
Have a fun creative week.
hugs {brenda} xox

Debs M said...

looking fab! of course you had a great time in the house of blue ;) x