Monday, 22 October 2012

Join me for a day out .... picture heavy post

Morning all,

Sadly, I have no crafting to share with you as we were woken early - see below!

We were woken by this, flying over the house!!
 Now, please feel free to join me for a day trip to Lakeland - there are LOTS of pix!!

We found the swans at Lake Parker, Lakeland

Lake Parker, Lakeland

NO IDEA what sort of bird this is but he/she did make us chuckle!

Lakeland is famous for it's swans!! In Bristol it was gorilla's!

Ah yes, it's THAT time of year! Happy Halloween!

Lakeland is famous for its swan population and we visited two lakes today, the second actually explained that a swan epidemic in the 1950's wiped out the swan population but that a gift of two mute swans by HRH Queen Elizabeth II replenished stocks. In fact we found the bronze statue (seen on TV earlier in the day) which had been commissioned by the city and sculpted by Ian Bannen from a smaller statue sculpted by the Queen's own sculptor! Situated on the edge of Lake Mirror.

The beautiful bronze statue of a mute swan and her two cygnets, Lake Mirror, Lakeland

Talk about a party!!! Lake Mirror, Lakeland, Florida

I'm SHY!!!

Right, if you've been following my trip you will know that we were joined by pals Wynneth and Tom and their son. They rented an enormous SUV which they nicknamed THE BEAST - I think this photo is for them and proves that it must (surely) have been the original BEAST!! It USED to be a Cadillac!!

Just HOW ridiculous!?!?!

Hope you enjoyed sharing our day trip! Have a great week


scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit.

Lilian said...

Sure did enjoy your trip. Great photos Hugs lilian

My name is Wynneth said...

Awesome pix young kathy, made me feel really 'homesick' ;o( That 'exotic' bird made me giggle too - just what does it think it is eh? Looks a bit like it's wearing a Turkey Vulture's head ! That is an Ugly Beast - not at all like our beautiful Silver Beast LOL Looks like you still have nice sunny weather, it's to get very parky here by the weekend apparently - even SNOW forecast for some... Boooooooooo :o( If I were you I'd just stay where you are LOL Did your Lakeland trip include a drive by Violette's visit by any chance (or even a visit to the 'scary' quilting sales assistant) ?

Kathyk said...

It DIDN'T actually, Wynneth - I think I have PLENTY of stash to cram in the case as it is!!! You are not wrong - King Kong is NOT as pretty as THE BEAST but it was one of those "saw this and thought of you" moments,matey!

Debs M said...

great pics x