Thursday, 1 November 2012

Welcome to Thursday

Well, we're baaaack! from sunny Florida!! Having left "home" at 9pm (UK time) on Tuesday we arrived "home" in the UK at a little after 2pm on Wednesday. We were sooo very lucky for the most part, with no line at check-in or security (Orlando International Airport was like a ghost town because of the cancelled north east flights) and airside was pretty quiet for the same reason too. Also, air traffic control let us push back as soon as we were loaded as there was little traffic! We landed after a smooth flight and good grub (the squash pasta dish was delish and the rhubarb crumble, for airline food, really wasn't bad). We were able to use the nearest gate to the terminal so a slightly shorter route march to immigration and I even managed to master the automated immigration booth - even our luggage was off promptly - we felt charmed! We COULD have caught an earlier train and, on reflection, wish we had!! Our onward journey was using a train specific ticket so we opted to wait ...... Reading station has demolished its covered waiting room so were out on the draughty old platform (bearing in mind we've just come from an unusually WARM FLORIDA!!!) and were really starting to feel chilled when our train announcement came ..... "we regret to inform you that the 12:42 has been cancelled due to hitting a person earlier in the journey". OH MY GOSH - how terrible for that person and for the train driver too. We waited for the next train, luckily only 30 minutes later and our lift was able to pick us up at the revised arrival time too - thank heavens.

Boy, was the house cold though? We leave heating ticking over so at least it wasn't near freezing - it just felt like it!, so we cranked up the heating and headed for bed (with a hot water bottle!) for a couple of hours to try and stave off the effects of a night flight with little sleep! Three hours later and we were up - we know the perils of staying there much longer - jet lag can be made to last over a week if you succumb to those kind of thoughts!!!

Unpacking and making copious quantities of tea kept us awake till a sensible time and I slept, log like, till 7:30 Wednesday morning and until 9:30 this morning - HUZZAH, let's hope that nasty old jet lag is HISTORY!!!

Logged in to check my e-mails and see how my blogging buddies were doing and found this cool video on the Penny Black site ....... everyone needs Christmas tags .... right? Reckon one of my first craft makes will have to be some tags.

HOWEVER, before I get to play with that video - I had brought metal tape home with me (and some liquid gold leaf) and I sooooo wanted to play - didn't need much space for this either, which is just as well as I have so much vacation stash to put away and haven't even started so .....

First, take a roll of metal tape ..

And some card - cut a strip to length (I used a piece of card I had lying around because I couldn't be bothered to measure and cut especially when I didn't know how this experiment was going to end! Laid the tape carefully on to card, peeling the paper backing as I went. Then I cut a 2nd strip in half and laid that half on the card with a slight overlap (to avoid a gap).

Next I managed to fit two tag dies on to this strip of card (a happy accident) so I die cut them and then embossed them inside two different embossing folders ........ the join hardly showed by this time by the way!

As per the GREAT Sir Tim of Holtz I dripped alcohol inks directly on to my tags (I used lettuce, cranberry and bright yellow), smooshing about with a blending tool and felt pad (I used an old one because I couldn't make time to fit a clean one!)

Then, taking my liquid gold leaf (in classic gold) and a cosmetic applicator (I had this lying around handy but had previously used it with a blue pan pastel - could have been a disaster but .....)

I dabbed gold leaf on the relief design .... and now you see the finished tags. Now, just to incorporate them in to some useful project!

What do you reckon? Cool or uncool? New stash used - HUZZAH. Right, off to shower and dress and I shall be ready to face the World!

Have a great Wednesday, stay warm on what appears to be a chilly and damp old day!


Debs M said...

ooh looks great x

clare said...

Fab! I must get some of that tape!

Craftyrose said...

Glad you are back safely, my crafty pal! Great tags clever. xx

Shary said...

They look cool! Thanks for the inspiration Kathy.x

scrappyjacky said...

Well it certainly isn't sunny here!!
It seems the train announcement could have been put more tactfully.
Welcome back.

Lilian said...

Love the affect Kathy. Glad yuo are safe back home.
hugs lilian

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous tags Kathy. Glad you are back safe and sound and that you had a good journey.

Hugs Brenda xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Your tags are stupendous kathy and now I'm sooooo sorry that I didn't follow your lead and bring back the gold leaf and metal tape :o( Especially as we were so far underweight with loads of space left in our suitcases at the end of the day ! The embossing looks fabulous and the AI's worked their magic. So pleased you are back home in chilly Britain too matey.