Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What? Wednesday again? And I've not tidied my workdesk!

Hi readers,

I'd like to welcome new follower, Karen, I don't seem to see a blog for you but if you have one then please stop by and let me have your blog address and I'll repay the favour. In the meantime - "HI"

I was out last night with a pal, Sue, and we stuffed ourselves at this little Chinese restaurant sandwiched between a Motaman and an estate agents in Downend. It wasn't busy (Sue and I plus two other diners the whole time we were there) but it was yummy and friendly service too. It was lovely to catch up with one another before Christmas and over a pleasant dinner too - perfect. The only thing that was less than perfect was the FOG and the -1°c temperatures which meant we didn't linger long outside once we left the restaurant! The fog wasn't toooooooo bad till I got about a mile from home and then I have to travel along a country lane, part of which is in a dip, it got a bit thick there! Seasons Greetings Sue and thanks for venturing out on a murky old night! See you next year!

This morning I decided it was time to put up my Christmas cards, properly. As they've been coming in I've been displaying them in the lounge wherever there was room but - we've now run out of display space so the stairs have been deployed, aside from a couple of them - one pal sent me a fabulous card with a rather large bell on it and I was "pretty sure" that blu tack was not the answer so ...... it now adorns the mantel with hubby's and my cards and a couple of others to even up my "arrangement" and the rest are blu tacked in place on the stairs! Can you see yours? I know that lots of people have cut down on the number of cards sent this year - mainly due to the hideous price of postage and the questionable reliability of Royal Mail deliveries so, if we're still on your list then thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, as you can see, the Purple Palace is starting to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas

All this festive activity has meant that I haven't tidied my work desk or even reached it since my last post - oopsie!

Memo to self: GET AND TIDY your work desk - NOW!!! Best I get off and do just that!

Have a great Wednesday everyone


Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! Sure does look Christmassy Kathy. Lovely photographs. Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Definately looking christmasy....I seem to be behind in posting this year....looks like Friday for my UK ones.

Darnell J Knauss said...

A festive display, Kathy! TFS!

So did you? Go and clean? I wish I HAD the time to post my desk this week - you guys would not believe the mess, for me. It shows how much I have to do that I don't collapse in hives.

Glad you had a fun time with your pal, Sue, and you made it home safe in that treacherous fog!!

My name is Wynneth said...

What a fabby collection of cards you've received kathy. I know how shocked I was at the cost when I took my cards to the PO for stamps recently ! Looks like your table of craftiness has been neglected lately, I guess at this time of year there are so many pressures on our time. Same as you, we've been out eating and meeting with pals a great deal this past week.