Friday, 11 January 2013

TGIF peeps!


I couldn't wait to get cracking on my new stash - but, before I could do that I simply HAD to have a tidy up - to give myself some blooming room. After a good old tidy and even a clean!! Yes, I SCRUBBED that cutting mat - it was FILTHY!

Anyhoo, newly primped and tidied it was time to break out the new blending mat and start getting it all messy and dirty again

Materials and ATC
Just the ATC!
Materials used:
  • My NEW A3 blending mat
  • ATC blank
  • Distress Inks: tea dye, seedless preserves, black soot applied using the blending mat and a Tim Holtz blending tool
  • Mini mister - sprayed the water on to my fingers and flicked on to the D.I.'d ATC before wiping off the excess water with kitchen roll
  • Lost Coast pencils image stamped using Versafine onxy black. If you look at the top photo (inc the materials) you will see that my acrylic block is a bit short for this border image - guess I should buy some more Tsukineko tack n' peel and cover a longer block!!!
  • Papermania alphabet set for the numbers and symbols, stamped using Versafine onyx black ink

Hope you like the project - as to the blending mat. I bought mine from That's Crafty (along with the Lost Coast images and some flitter glue - hence my choice for today's project. It's A3 size and was waaaay cheaper than the equivalent sized Splodge Away mat. I've not used the proper Splodge Away mat so don't know how it directly compares. All the videos I've seen using the S.A. mat say that you add your DI's to the  mat and work in using the blending tool before moving on to your chosen project. First use, I didn't bother (thought I would do my normal trick of not reading the manual!) and you can see what happened in the pic below - you can see lines where the blending was less than flawless. Clean up of the mat was, however, really easy with a damp cloth and a piece of kitchen roll. Because it's transluscent it's easy to see whether you've cleaned up properly (unlike my BLACK craft sheet). I did use a baby wipe but Lacelady (Lesley) reminded me (and once she said it I remembered hearing it too) that you shouldn't use a baby wipe - oops!

So, I read the instructions and made the Mark II version which, if I'm honest, was easy peasy (trying hard to resist adding lemon squezy, which dates ME!) - you will probably also have noted from the Mark I version that my stamping wasn't spot on either. That was because I attempted to stamp using the rubber only but, being such a long piece, as I pressed the image all over there was some stretching resulting in double stamping - hence the peel 'n tack (or tack n' peel - I never remember which way round that brand name is!) option for the 2nd attempt - works much better, don't you think?

Right - so, would I recommend the blending mat? Yes I think I would, mine is A3 and was £5.99 ..... would I buy the full priced Splodge Away? I'm not sure I would as my blending with a regular craft sheet wasn't bad - I only opted for this because it wasn't too expensive and my own beloved craft sheet was KNACKERED (AND I wanted an excuse to buy those fab Lost Coast images - babbling now, sorry!). HOW much more expensive is the Splodge Away? - I hear you ask, well an 8" x 8" is only £5.99 from Create and Craft but an A3 mat from Clarity is £14.99. For that extra £10 I bought two of my three Lost Coast images as well! Make up your own mind people as to whether you feel you would like one!!

And now for the Friday Funny which comes, this week, from Pat Gilson - thanks Pat, you're in the 2013 draw. ENJOY and have a great weekend


Zoe Brener said...

I love your new project. Is a card for a special occasion?

catherine said...

Good to hear your review on the blending mat Kathy. I have yet to use mine as My craft sheets usually stay permantley on my desk. I'm greedy and have six.

I will use mine though and let you know how I get on. Great ATC's and funny friday !!
x catherine

Lacelady said...

Like the ATC Kathy. I have the Splodgeaway, and they specifically suggest NOT to use a baby wipe or similar, just water. The oils in the wipes are supposed to block the pores in the mat or something.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm not into ATCs and splodging and blending (yet), Kathy, but can recognize that I like your ATCs and can see the difference. It seems like a very nicely educational post for those who do.

I also like the funny. That lady looks like me and so many of us at this age in that my "front butt" is bigger, fuller, and firmer than my flat back butt. Which no amount of exercise seems to change and which might account for the sour face and rightly so!

Thanks, too, for my personal chuckle about you typing after having a beer. At least you have an excuse, which is better than mine "typing while old" excuse!

Have a fab weekend! xxoo

(Okay, I lied about the exercise part. Personally, I wouldn't know about that; it's more of a feeling I have.)

Squirrel x said...

Great job on the ATC hun, love the design. I occasionally scrub at my cutting mat with a baby wipe and it frightens me every time how disgusting it gets, lol. As for a craft mat, I had one of those brown waxed jobs, but now use an X-Cut glass mat and that works well. Hugs Sxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Love your ATC kathy, and the pencil stamp is fabulous and I can quite understand why you HAD to have it ! Good to get a critque of the blending mat, I got the Splodge Mat but didn't pay anywhere near £14.99 for it. Sadly I can't recall where I DID get it from :o( I'm most impressed at the clean and tidy table of craftiness, but even more impressed that you got it all inky/messy again ! Great FF too, made me giggle.

Brenda Brown said...

Good to read about your blending experiments. I bought the large splodge away mat last year and don't use it now, never thought it did a better job than I was already doing, I just use my heat mat.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Brenda xox

Kathyk said...

Thanks for your comments on your splodge/blending experiences peeps!

Sounds like the splodge away is one of those things you never knew you HAD to have!!!! I DO love the fact it's lighter in colour though.