Thursday, 28 February 2013

Morning - it's my first full day with internet in a while!

Just stopping by because I can ..... I've not felt much like crafting whilst I've been without internet which has made it doubly frustrating - I'm used to crafting pretty much every day! How weird is it that, when I had MORE time to craft, I didn't want to?!?!??! Can't answer that.

Anyway, time to craft this morning after making some smoked mackerel pate for hubby and I to have at lunchtime and whilst "stuff" was drying.

My readers will know that I exchange materials with a buddy on the Isle of Skye. We then make ATC's using the materials and then return them to the originator - it's a slightly more interesting way to swap ATC's and I remain surprised at how few times the ATC's that come back look similar to mine!! I think it's happened about three times in many years - fascinating to see how different people interpret the identical materials, isn't it?

I've a challenge for Pam this time and this is what I am sending her - what would YOU do with it?

  • Book page (don't panic readers ..... over time the book had fallen apart and was missing several pages before I got to it!) with gesso applied using a credit card
  • Matte medium scraped through a Stamposaurus stencil and set aside to dry
  • Paper Artsy image and sentiment stamped on to white card using Versafine onyx black ink.

Wanna see what I made?

Additional materials used:
  • ATC blank
  • Inktense blocks (magenta) rubbed over and then blended with a baby wipe
  • I have various sponges that I use with distress inks so picked colours for my image and sponged my cut out image and sentiment without re-inking
  • Quickie glue pen and Crystal glamour dust on the wings

Before you go ......... I have a couple  of questions for all my bloggy pals

  1. For weeks before my internet issues I had noticed that my blogs background seemed to fade in and out sometimes appearing in my usual background and sometimes appearing in a pale green colour. When my blog opened it was the proper background but, as soon as I tried to navigate the page, I soon got the pale green ....... I changed the background but it still happens - ANY SUGGESTIONS? Pretty please with a cherry on the top - it's doing my head in and I've no idea where to look next!!
  2. Sometimes my signature appears to have a coloured border round it and sometimes not and yet I  haven't changed any settings (haven't had internet TO change any settings - any ideas?
Thanks blog buddy's, any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated and it's just possible you might save my sanity - or is it a little late?!?!?!?

Happy Thursday - I'm off to see if I can catch up on any of my neglected challenges today

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I think I'm back - for good - Yee Haa!

Hi there,

I think I'm back ..... for good this time!! After a TEN DAY enforced absence of broadband I was reconnected earlier this evening and have been catching up like crazy ever since!

Hi to new follower Kat, hope you will stop by again from time to time.

I've updated the Craftathon 2013 page and uploaded lots of photos so please click on that page in my side bar to see what we were all up to this past weekend.

Honestly, I didn't feel much like crafting whilst I had no internet so I don't actually have much of a back catalogue to share with you but .......

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm white, deckle edged C6 card and matching sized envelope
  • Black card panel
  • White card panel with wavy edge
  • Distress Inks: squeezed lemonade, picked raspberry, ripe persimmon and peacock feathers
  • Versamark ink and Mica powders used in conjunction with images by Magenta, Creative Expressions, Stampers Anonymous, Hero Arts and Recollections
  • Penny Black brushstrokes tulip inked using Versafine onyx black ink

Regular readers will recall that I swap materials with a trading card buddy on the Isle of Skye and I DID receive some materials from her whilst off air, giving me the chance to process them too - all in the same post! Here's what I received - the lower photo shows the reverse of the card

Incoming materials turned in to this .........

Additional materials
  • ATC blank
  • Distress Inks: shabby shutters, bundled sage and mown lawn for background and spun sugar, squeezed lemonade and salty ocean for the colouring in of Alice
  • Lost Coast Designs background stamp inked with Versafine onyx black ink
  • "Sorry" token run through an embossing folder to add texture and then adhered to the ATC using a "wobbler"!!! to give movement (see side view pic)

PLUS the latest issue of Craft Stamper arrived with that free stamp and I thought I would crack on and make a project with that too

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm white, deckle edged, C6 card and matching sized envelope
  • Mirri card panel  } edged using a PATP
  • Black card panel } Martha Stewart punch
  • White card panel on to which I stamped the Papermania sentiment
  • Black card square
  • White card square on to which I stamped the Craft Stamper free images using Versafine onyx black ink
  • 13 faux crystal gemstones to embellish the otherwise monochrome card

Happy Wednesday, well it is now I have my internet connection back! Don't forget to check out my CRAFTATHON 2013 page before you go and .... thanks for persevering whilst I've been away - good to be back

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! Well, sort of .......... read on

Hi folks,
SO SORRY about my absence, trust me when I say it was nothing personal ..... we changed our internet service provider and think there must have been a glitch in communication somewhere along the line, however, we hope to have it fixed very soon and then "I'LL BE BACK"!!! Right now I am piggybacking my neighbours wi-fi -with her full permission, she appreciates what it's like to be without wi-fi. Bless you pal and THANK YOU
Some of you kind souls have left nice comments about the problem I'm having with my shoulder .... FYI I gave up and sought medical attention and am now awaiting a referral to the musculo-skeletal department of our PCT. In the meantime, it's paracetamol or ibuprofen for me! Thanks for asking
There will be no Friday Funny this week as I'm not on our usual network, ditto for the craft work to share.
Have a great Thursday and Friday and a wonderful weekend - I know I shall as it's CRAFTATHON so whatever happens to the broadband - I shall be off air till Monday because I shall be having a great time with pals in Hereford - there WILL be photo's next week n(broadband willing) so keep an eye on the blog!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday challenge day and a busy one at that!

Well here we are, another Saturday - how's it shaping up for you? We have one or two things in the pipeline.

Yesterday afternoon I nipped off round to the village where, in the old school house, there is a rather nice coffee shop and where their cakes are home made - mmmm. I met my pal, Sue off the bus at the local railway station and we sauntered through the churchyard to the old school room before treating ourselves to a coffee each - plus a cake; I had the apricot and ginger flapjack and Sue enjoyed the orange and ginger sponge - both delicious! We enjoyed a quiet couple of hours nattering away before it was time for her bus, taking her on out to the mall for a further shopping experience! Thanks Sue, it was a very pleasant afternoon and our chosen venue made a very pleasant change too.

Since it IS Saturday it's time for another set of challenges:

So, here's my first card, for the UP IN THE AIR (CAS) card for the Simply Less Is More challenge and you can probably see the connection!

Materials used:
  • 12½cm square white, 300 gsm scallop edged card and matching sized envelope
  • 11½cm square black card panel
  • 11cm white square panel run through a Craft Concepts embossing folder
  • Sparkle 'n Sprinkle kite image stamped twice, once using Memento Mediterranean Blue directly on to embossed panel and once in Memento tangelo on to white card and cut out before adhering to blue "tail" using 3D foam pads
  • Sparkle 'n Sprinkle sentiment stamped using Versafine onyx black ink
I really like this set of images but don't use it nearly often enough so ..... thanks LIMettes, for this opportunity to get it inky!!!

My shoulder is still playing up so I may not get round to cards for all of these and certainly won't be commenting anything like as much as I usually try to do and for which I apologise in advance, it's nothing personal if I don't visit your blog.

Have a great Saturday and a splendid weekend everyone

Friday, 15 February 2013

Here comes the weekend!


What a funny old week?! Still having trouble with my shoulder, had hoped it would be getting better all on its own but it's proving more stubborn than that and a trip to the doctor may soon be in order - doncha hate going to the doctors?

Anyhoo, very little on the crafting front this week. I HAVE been crafting but have not been in a position to share most of what I've been up to, for a short while.

And on the Addicted to Stamps and more challenge blog it's BINGO! Take any vertical, horizontal or diagonal line and use the elements in those squares. If you use the FREE square then try not to use an element already featured ......

And here is my take on the challenge ..... my three were the centre horizontal panel: GLITTER, FREE and STAMP ..... my free space could arguably be gemstone or CAS - your choice Addicted to Stamps and More. Pretty much everyone seemed to select hearts but I looked again and, aside from the BINGO square I couldn't see a reference to having to make a "valentine" style card - hope I didn't miss that bit! - guess I'll soon find out!

Materials used:
  • 12½cm square white, 300 gsm scallop edged card and matching sized envelope
  • Hero Arts foliage image stamped using the Kaleidacolour "Spectrum" ink pad
  • Imagine That sentiment stamped using Memento Paris dusk ink
  • Stardust stickles traced down the stems of the foliage
  • Faux crystal gemstones to highlight the sentiment

I'm off out again this afternoon, meeting up with a pal for a coffee and a natter - not seen this particular pal since before Christmas - YIKES, we'll have a lot to catch up on!

And now for the Friday Funny, this week courtesy of my pal, Sandra, thanks mate! - ENJOY

Subject: Cold Weather Warning

ICY CONDITIONS: Government Advice
A government warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take:
  • Shovel, Blankets or sleeping bag
  • Extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves
  • 24 hours supply of food and drink
  • De-Icer
  • 5Kgs of Rock Salt
  • Torch or lantern with spare batteries
  • Road Flares and Reflective Triangles
  • Tow rope
  • 5 gallon petrol can
  • First Aid Kit
  • Jump Leads
......................... ...I looked like a complete prat on the bus this morning!!!...

Right ....... did anyone watch the BBC news this morning? regarding the new law (introduced January 1st 2013) and affecting anyone imminently heading to Florida and planning to drive there. Apparently you now need to be in possession of an International Driving Permit in order to rent a car and people without them have reportedly been turned away at some car rental counters. If you are concerned about this new regulation then check the P.O. website for details. Things are likely to change again at quite short notice so ... if your journey is later in the year then it's worth keeping an eye on the websites and press to see if it will still be necessary for the date you travel.

Happy Friday

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And what exactly IS on your work desk today?

Hi everyone,

First order of business is to welcome my newest follower, from Norway, Wenche - thanks for following, hope you'll pop back from time to time.

Been AWOL from blogging for a day or so as it was hubby's birthday and we had several celebrations planned, some turned out to be a little more involved than others - some resulted in  well, not so much a hangover as a DULL day (more to do with the lack of sleep, I suspect!) and Tuesday's lunch hour turned out to be a four hour! As you might imagine, this has taken its toll on my crafting. Now I HAVE been working on something but, sadly, I cannot share it with you at this time - all will be revealed very soon though.

My work desk is it's usual messy self. I had to replace the blades in BOTH of my fiskars paper trimmers and, shock horror, they were my last two!! OH MY! Can't have that for very long so I have two more blades on order but they are, apparently, coming from the U.S. - with FREE P&P from Amazon! CRIKEY - you would think that would make them very (VERY) expensive, wouldn't you? Well, I have to say that it didn't make them VERY cheap but I wouldn't say it was U.S. postage expensive!! The reason I couldn't source them more locally? My paper trimmers are very old and the designs have changed over the years and the blades are no longer readily available for my elderly trimmers. Mind you, it MAY be approaching the time to bite the bullet and buy a new trimmer. I DID buy a woodware trimmer (with about 8 different blades) but it gathers dust like the several pairs of scissors I have bought over time but never found as efficient and comfortable as my oldest pair - do you all find that too? Anyway, here's what my work desk looked like at 10:30 .....

And here's what I was working on ....

Materials used:
  • Cocktail stick
  • 12" length of Costco paper, tapered from 2½cm to ¼cm and rolled round cocktail stick, fastening the thin end using Aleene's tacky glue

Whaddya think? I'm planning to coat it in either varnish, clear UTEE or glitter and can't make up my mind which at the moment .....

Happy Wednesday - it's been snowing here this morning, alternating between a flake every couple of seconds and snowing quite hard so I have no idea how it's going to end up today! Have a good one peeps!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday and the start of another chilly week

Morning folks,

I hear that many places have had more snow over the weekend and I do feel so sorry for the residents in the north eastern states of the U.S. as they've had HUGE amounts of snowfall coming close on the heels of the recent storms and floods and must still be reeling from the effects of those. Stay safe everyone.

I'd also like to welcome another new follower, Lorraine, thanks for stopping by - hope you will be back from time to time too

If you saw my post yesterday you will know that I started a project but kept picking up materials with extended "drying times" and simply ran out of time yesterday ......... here's how it ended up, but I nearly had a very different ending! see further down my post for the alternate card look

Materials used:
  • 15cm square 300 gsm, scallop edged white card and matching sized envelope
  • 14cm square black card
  • 13½cm square white card.
  • Stamposaurus radiant stencil and basics modelling paste applied through the stencil using a plastic spatula and set aside to dry
  • Hobbycutz 3mm wooden laser cut heart
  • Flitter glue brushed liberally over the heart and Sparkle 'n Sprinkle red tomato tinsel glitter sprinkled - set aside to dry
  • Distress Inks: Picked Raspberry and Festive Berries "smooshed" on to a craft sheet and spritzed and then sprinkled with Perfect Pearls powder in an opalescent pearl colour.  The whole white panel was then used to "mop up" the D.I./mica from the craft sheet and then set aside to dry
At this point it looked like this ....

Looking good but a bit too bland, huh? At this point I laid it out in card format and thought noooooooooo - it so nearly ended up in the round recycling receptacle but, no, I don't like to admit defeat and carried on - a case of more is more!

This is nearly how it ended up!

Further materials used:
  • Distress Inks: Picked Raspberry, Festive Berries, Aged Mahogany and Black Soot, applied using a cosmetic sponge
  • Imagine That sentiment stamped on to white card using Versafine onyx black ink and then the panel coloured with aged mahogany ink which was left on the sponge.
  • 3D foam pads used to attach the sentiment panel
  • Aleene's tacky glue applied to the reverse of the glittered heart
The card was set aside to dry before photographing! Rubbish light so I hope that you can still appreciate the sheen from the mica powders and the twinkle of the tinsel glitter

The above card is going to be entered for the following challenges:
  1. Pan Pastels blog where the challenge is "LOVE and ROMANCE" and also
  2. Pink Gem Challenge blog where their challenge is "HEARTS/VALENTINE"

Have a great Monday and an even better week - it's half term in some places and nearly half term in others so you COULD be having a very busy or quiet week!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another washout weekend!?!?!?


Sluggish start at the purple palace as we were out gallivanting last evening and didn't get to bed until 03:30!!! WOW - can't take the late nights like we used to!

Where were we? Well, we were at Raj's our fave Indian and had a perfectly splendid time

So, after the slow start this morning what have I been up to? A little domesticity in the form of laundry and, no, that does NOT mean curry stains on the shirts!

That and a little crafting ..... I have a project under way for the pan pastels challenge this week which bears the theme: "LOVE AND ROMANCE". Of course, I've only gone and chosen stuff that needs to dry between layers haven't I? This means I don't actually have much to share with you ... so far! What I do have I am happy to share though and here it is ....

Wooden heart and 13cm square panel with modelling paste - drying

Wooden heart having been covered in flitter glue and sparkle 'n Sprinkle red tinsel glitter - drying .... AGAIN!
Do check back tomorrow and see how much further this project has gotten.

Happy Sunday, is it still raining with you? It was positively CHUCKING it down when we originally woke up and guess what? It STILL is ...... but that's better than snow which I'm given to understand quite a few of you have got both in the U.K. and in the U.S. - good luck with that and keep warm and safe, readers

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday - challenge day!!!

Morning all,

I'd like to welcome another new follower, Natali, thanks for stopping by and I hope you will pop back from time to time.

Anyhoo, we're off to a dull old start to the day here, it's just 2°c and needless to say it's grey and ...... yep, raining too! There's an interesting change for us! - NOT! Looks like another challenge Saturday with perfect weather - for crafting, that is! Just as well if you would care to read on ........

And a new challenge has been launched on the Simply Less Is More challenge blog - this week it's the turn of the dreaded One Layer Card and their theme is: "MUSIC" - this is one challenge I can never resist .... so, onwards with my favourite colourway too and ... BINGO, you soon have what you see below!

Materials used:
  • 12½ cm square, 250 gsm white card and matching sized envelope
  • Kaisercraft "Arty" image stamped using Versamark ink
  • Pan Pastel Violet tint applied carefully to JUST beyond the stamped image - I LOVE that you can simply rub out any mistakes with PP's!
  • Inkadinkado "You Rock" and guitar stamped using Versafine onyx black
  • Inkadinkado music flourish stamped using Memento grape jelly

I think it's pretty lush and I hope you all approve too - now it's on to my next challenge project (from the list below) ...... BBL

Addicted to CAS's new challenge is also launched today and their theme is: theme #6 - "CANDY"

Pink Gems new challenge is topical this week, it's: "HEARTS/VALENTINES"

The new challenge over at the 52 Christmas Card Throwdown is a colour challenge ...

So you can see, I have my work cut out for me today ...... I still have a CASOLOGY "fairytale" challenge to try and sneak in too!!

Have a fab Saturday everyone

Friday, 8 February 2013

It's Friday - Ta Dah!

Hi there,

Just need to get a few birthdays off my chest before I start ..... today sees the following friends celebrating their birthdays:
  1. Sally - in Florida
  2. Kylie - in Australia
  3. Becky - surrogate daughter #2
  4. Maggi - trading card pen pal in the U.K.
That's a lot of birthdays on one day - don't you think? Hope you all have a perfectly SPLENDID day.

Next order of business ..... I'd like to welcome and thank new followers, Mags, and Chris and hope you'll both pop back from time to time

Now, on to the crafting .....

My bad shoulder has dissuaded me from doing too much crafting or blogging this week but I DID recently receive new stash from Inkyliscious this week (yes, Wynneth MADE ME DO IT!!! - cheers mate!) and just had to have a SEVERE tidy of the table of craftiness in order to have a play - here's a Christmas project using this fabulous Christmas tree image - it really didn't need anything else, other than a twinkly embossing powder.

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm white, deckle edged C6 card
  • 10 x 14 cm panel of deep red DCWV self adhesive card from a stack
  • 9½ x 13½ cm panel of white card
  • Inkylicious Christmas tree image stamped on to the white card panel using Versamark ink and Gold glitter embossing powder
  • Inkyliscious sentiment stamped using Versafine onyx black ink
I'm entering the above card for the "CASE the card" challenge over on the ABC Christmas challenge blog - I picked T is for TREE from their 2012 challenges.

But, since you can't keep a crafter down AND I had a new image land on my mat (this time from That's Crafty) I also managed a quick ATC yesterday ....

Materials used:
  • ATC blank
  • ATC sized piece of white card
  • Kaisercraft "ARTY" image inked using Versamark ink and pan pastel Violet tint sponged over just the stamped area
  • Close to the Heart numbers inked with Versamark ink and pan pastel Violet sponged the immediate area
  • Stampers Anonymouse random dots inked with Versamark ink and pan pastel yellow ochre spnged over the remaining area before setting the ATC with hairspray.
  • Sunshine Designs grass stamped with Versafine onyx black ink
Hope you like it - I am loving this weeks new stash - what a shame I can't have weeks like this every week?

Todays new stash

 And now for the Friday Funny, courtesy of Jacky (Scrappyjacky) - thanks mate - you're in the 2013 prize draw!
Winter Exercise Programme

Take one Weetabix.

Take an Aero chocolate bar.

Crumble the Aero over the Weetabix.

Voila! ...........................  AEROBIX ! ta dah!!!    

Have a great Friday and a super weekend

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thursday and the mojo's back!

Morning all,

Don't you just LURVE new stash? I know I do - and I had some lovely stash arrive just yesterday, from Inkyliscious and Hobbycutz. Well, I could hardly wait to even open the package before wanting to play!!! and, of course, I wanted to use at least one of the new items ...... I think this, despite the bright colours, would work for adults of both sexes and (by changing the sentiment) children too - don't you?

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm, white, deckle edged C6 card and matching sized envelope
  • 14 x 10 cm panel of orange card
  • 13½ x 9½ cm panel of white card
  • Kaleidacolour "Spectrum" multicoloured dye based ink pad, smeared on to a blending mat.
  • My much under utilised Brayer was deployed, to pick up the colour and roll on to my Inkyliscious striped image which I then stamped on the white card panel, the inside card panel/insert and also the envelope
  • Close to the Heart numbers image inked up using the same ink pad (I WOULD have used my Inkyliscious numbers but they were just a little bit too big - I would only have got numbers 1-6 on my panel)
  • Sparkle n' Sprinkle sentiment stamped using Memento grape jelly. This sentiment comprises two parts - you can see both parts stamped on the envelope

And here's the envelope - using the sentiment which also appears inside of the card!

Now, having made the above I set to thinking about monochrome and ..... one thing led to another and .....

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm, white, deckle edged C6 card and matching sized envelope I used off cuts of black and white card to make this card ....
  • On to the larger narrow white card panel I stamped the new Inkyliscious striped image using Versafine onyx black ink
  • On to the smaller, wider white card panel I stamped my Close to the Heart numbers image, five times, using Versafine onyx black ink and moving the numbers slightly one way or the other.
  • One the smallest panel of white card I stamped my Imagine That sentiment also using Versafine onyx black and then matted each panel on black card and adhering to my base card using Aleene's

Here's the card and it's matching envelope, using the same images and inks - hope you all approve - DEFINITELY masculine, wouldn't you say? Two cards, the same images but different layouts and colours - turned out pretty different, didn't they?

Anyway, still got problems with my shoulder and, no doubt, working on the above probably hasn't helped but I'm hoping that the reading whilst sitting with a warm wheatie bag strategically placed ..... just might be!

However, over on the CAS colours and sketches challenge blog, there is a new colour challenge: Use only the colours below, although you are allowed white/cream for your base card and black for your image/outlines - tricky!

Have a fab Thursday and see you tomorrow, for the Friday Funny!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

And what is on your work desk today then?

Hi there,

I'd like to welcome a new follower to my blog, Denise, Hi there Denise, hope you will stop back from time to time

An announcement to pass on .... most of my regular followers will know what a fan I've become of the Clean And Simple style of card making and this is mostly down to the lovely LIMettes, Chrissie and Mandi (and now Jen too) over at the Simply Less Is More challenge blog. Their fab challenges started two years ago  but Mandi has taken on a new business which is taking lots of her time and she's reluctantly decided to step down from the DT - just wanting to wish you all the VERY best Mandi. We'll all miss you and hope you will stop by again from time to time. I usually enter their CAS challenge each week and I TRY to visit as many entrants blogs too - this week I've had two problems doing that ...... the first being a problem with my PC's network and the second being my shoulder which has caused me to spend less time visiting - and I'm sat here with a warm wheatie bag draped over my shoulder as I type this! If I normally visit your blog and haven't this week then please excuse me - it's nothing personal - honest. There have been some SMASHING entries for this week's challenge.

I haven't even been crafting as much as I normally do - I did, however, make this tag whilst hubby was out the other evening and would like to share it with you here ...

Materials used:
  • Large manila tag
  • Glue stick - applied to my Inkadinkado bubbles image and my Dimension crackle image
  • Distress Inks: salty ocean and seedless preserves applied over the top and then excess removed with a baby wipe to reveal the "resist"
  • Dimension brick image inked with Memento rhubarb stalk and applied randomly
  • Creatie Expressions chicken wire inked with Memento Rosebud and applied randomly
  • Inkadinkado wax drip image inked with Brilliance pearlescent beige and applied to the top of the tag a number of times
  • Hobbycraft Keep Calm  and Hero Arts wheatgrass images stamped using Versafine onyx black ink

 On Tuesday I met up with a crafting pal at Hobbycraft and we nattered and shopped and then adjourned next door to Costa coffee for further natter over a latte! Didn't buy much (and certainly not as much as my pal!) ....

All very "necessary" items though!
And over on the CASology challenge blog it's week #30 and their new challenge which is ....

It's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday once more and mine (true to form) is a mess ....

I've put a little poll over on the side bar of my blog - if people take an interest then I might do a weekly poll - if I can think of enough questions .......... I have another question .... do you see a turquoise background to my blog and a sort of ARIEL font or do you see my palm trees and TIMES NEW ROMAN font? I see a variation and have ABSOLUTELY no idea why!!! Ah well - the wonders of technology!!!

Edited to read: Thanks to Sarn's comment that she sees turquoise background with sans serif font I thought it might be time to change my background so off I toddled ....... couldn't make a decision so decided to go back to the awesome template I'd had before my palm trees ....... selected it and hit preview and what did I get? flashing between my new selection and the TURQUOISE with a sans serif font!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Gosh!! Guess this must mean that it's blogger having an epi! There's a novelty! Please excuse my appearance - I'll expect normal service to return in a few days once blogger's sorted itself out but it's plainly nothing I've done!!! Anyone else getting the same issue?

Happy Wednesday, make it a good one!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Morning and welcome to another week ......

Morning all,

Another grey day here in in paradise, sorry, Bristol! At least it isn't raining! It IS, however, VERY windy out there ..... and I'm off "out there" in a mo - wish me luck, think I'd best "batten down the hatches" first, i.e. a heavy duty squirt of hairspray!!!

I'd like to welcome She3655 as a new follower - "Thanks", "Hi" and "hope you'll stop by again" - I've reciprocated on your own blog too.

I'm off out this morning, meeting a pal for coffee and a natter, my pal's name? Andrea - we meet up every few weeks for a couple of hours and put the World to rights! Not done it since before Christmas for one reason or another so there's a lot to "put right" so to speak! I'm expecting crafting parcels (well, optimistically) so part of me would love to be home just in case - but I DID only order on Friday so I think deliveries are unlikely but ...... watch this space. I'm expecting parcels from Hobbycutz, Inkyliscious (Wynneth made me do that one!) and That's Crafty - woo hoo, bit of a spendfest and now my credit card is lying in the corner looking scared!

With hubby out at the indoor flying last evening I took advantage of some craft time and made a tag - now I LOVE to make tags but seldom think to do it. I have a loose binder ring (like you might get in a ring binder) it holds about 20 tags and (you guessed it) it's purple!!!! Every time I make a tag I add it to my collection on this ring so here comes another one!! I used the glue stick resist technique yesterday and, being a tad "technique obsessive" wanted to play again ..... this time with brighter colours - yesterdays blog post looked more Halloween-y! Not familiar with the glue stick resist method? Try checking out this video here - it's easy peasy, lemon squezy!!!!

Materials used:
  • Large manila tag
  • Stix2 glue stick used to "ink" Tim Holtz "visual artistry" circles and grid images
  • Heat gun to "dry" the glue images (30 seconds is about all you need)
  • Distress Inks: picked raspberry, seedless preserves, ripe persimmon
  • Baby wipe used to remove the ink from the resist (and any residual glue)
  • Magenta foliage image (23640-H) stamped multiple times at the top and bottom of the tag using Versafine onyx black ink
  • Anita's sentiment stamped using Versafine onyx black in
  • Clearly Inspired rose image stamped using Versafine onyx black ink

Happy Monday, hope your week has started well and will continue similarly.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lazy Sunday


How's the weather with you all? Sunshine again? This is getting to be almost regular - next thing we know it'll be ....... SPRING! YAY!

And on the crafting front - my good friend, Wynneth, set a challenge for February over on the Craftbubble group Craft Mad and Loving It ..... she selected WoW+1 (that's White on White plus 1 other colour) and here's my take on it ..... using GOLD as my PLUS ONE!

Materials used:
  • 15 cm square, 300 gsm scallop edged card and matching sized envelope
  • 12½ cm square  white card panel and a Martha Stewart Punch Around The Page set of punches.
  • 12½ cm square satin gold paper - mounted behind the Martha Stewart punched panel - to give definition. I tried it without but it looked kind of ordinary so changed it - I LIKE this one better
  • Go Kreate flower dies in two sizes, I used the large one once and the smaller twice.
  • Two embossing folders (swiss dots and scrolls)
  • I curled the edges of my flowers using my trusty pokey tool
  • Large gold sugared brad, to hold flower layers in place
Hope you like it.

And over on the Pan Pastels challenge blog their new challenge is animals, but they included birds and insects etc ..... I have a fab Stampers Anonymous bird I wanted to use as soon as I saw the challenge.

Materials used:
  • Large manila tag
  • Glue stick (for resist technique)
  • Stampers Anonymous "Poison" image inked using versamark and then WOW white puffy twinkle embossing powder applied and heated. This was plainly a mistake to use this product beause, whilst it's a fab ep, it didn't show up enough detail of the image AND the "twinkle" brushed off when I applied distress inks - hmmmm, maybe the effect ended up closer to a Tim Holtz distress ep - happy accident?????
  • Stampers Anonymous "random dots" and "harlequin" images mounted on acrylic blocks and then a glue stick applied before stamping.
  • Distress Inks: faded jeans, seedless preserves, black soot
  • Water spritzed
  • Kitchen roll to rub off some of the ink and reveal the "resist"
  • Inkadinkado "wax drip" stamped multiple times using a Versafine onyx black ink
  • Inkadinkado "splat" image inked using tumbled glass distress ink and Memento rich cocoa
  • Stampers Anonymous crow image inked using Versafine onyx black on to white card and then distress ink applied using a Tim Holtz blender and the residual DI colour on the pad before cutting out and adhering to my tag using Aleene's tacky glue.
  • Goosebumpz "shimmer" spray spritzed over the entire project to give it an atmospheric gleam - hope it works!!! It will also "seal" the distress inks and prevent any reaction should the tag get wet! Twofer!!!!

And a close up which MIGHT show the resist and goosebumpz a little better .... or it might not!
It's also my pal Naomi's birthday today but I can't tell you how old she is as that might give away my age too!!! Have a fabulous day with your daughter's and future S-i-L, Naomi.

Have a great Sunday everyone - I hope you have sunshine today.