Monday, 18 March 2013

Mellow Monday ... and the sun is shining!


The sun may be shining but it's still not very warm here and, as my window cleaner is on his way round he may well appreciate a hot beverage when he reaches us, so, can't stop long - need to get that kettle on!!

Regular readers of this blog may recall me mentioning the issue I've been having with my blog background changing colour?! The page was loading as I expected but, the second I attempted any form of navigation, the background went pale green!! WEIRD or WHAT?!?!??! This has been going on for about a month and starting to do my head in ..... I tried changing the background using a blogger template - nothing different. I tried externally sourcing a background ( found a fab background with purple polka dots and bunting - same thing happened - so that was plainly NOT the way to go. I admitted defeat and spoke to the I.T. department (aka THE HUSBAND), we talked about the fact that we are still using I.E. VIII and whether that could be the reason - hmmmmm, it set me to thinking about what had actually changed .... a new version of photobucket (I use photobucket for my slideshows) - didn't really want to remove those widgets as that's the way people can see my 100 previous makes without having to cycle back through the last few pages of posts. What else had changed? BINGO - like a little lightbulb going off in my head - I remembered adding my "NEW POLL" widget. Since not that many people had posted on the poll I just KNEW I could live without it and, if it didn't fix the problem I also knew I could re-install it pretty easily too.

HUZZAH and let joy be unconfined!!! Having removed the offending widget I anxiously refreshed my bloggy and waited ...... scrolling up and down - still purple ....... moving about between my pages - still purple! YAY!!! Forget the Wizard of Oz it's the Great and Powerful I.T. department - thanks hubby!!! Now you can get to see it, I hope you all like my new blog background.

All this mucking about with technology has plainly left me in need of crafting because, after a week of faffing about and not getting very far with my blog background, I spent much of the weekend crafting, to take my mind off of the DULL green background (so very UN me!). This morning's breakthrough led me to my table of craftiness ..... presumably to celebrate - just because .....

Materials used:
  • 300 gsm white, deckle edged C6 card and matching sized envelope
  • 9½ x 13½cm white card panel
  • Close to the Heart number image stamped (once in full and once in part) using Memento Bahama Blue ink
  • Hero Arts sentiment stamped (twice) using Memento rosebud ink
  • Pink and blue card to mat

This same colour scheme and design has been carried through to the insert and envelope too. I'm a bit addicted to these bright colours right now so, be prepared for more of them over the coming week!

Happy Monday to you all - I hope you have sunshine in some form or another where you are too!


Denise said...

What a nice card! I like the sentiments "Just because" sometime we do not need a reason to send a card.
Have a fab day!
Crafty Hugs

scrappyjacky said...

Love the new background...very you.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

BRILLIANT - well done on taming your blog background once and for all. It's LOVELY.

Yup - that card is CAS for sure! Perfect.

Sarn xxx

Brenda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kathy and for your sweet comment. I've been busy exploring your blog...what fun! I love the "recent projects" on the side bar. What a fabulous collection of projects.

catherine said...

I love the new blog Kathy and all the bunting looks great. it's definitely purple here!!
Great card and love the number stamp
x catherine

Lilian said...

Great card Kathy, Hugs