Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Grand Evening Out!

As I said in yesterday's post, once the evening had started to cool down (this was Monday) hubby and I set off in search of some gromit statures. I posted pix of four yesterday and now ..... are you ready for some more gromits? Someone asked me yesterday - what is with all these Gromits? ..

In 2012 a charity appeal was launched featuring gorilla statues, decorated by famous artists. The finished statues were placed all around Bristol and people could follow the trail to find them all – I don’t recall whether there was a prize but there was certainly a winner, Bristol tourism!!! At the end of the ”season” the gorillas were auctioned off and the money went to the charity. Gorilla’s? Yes, because of Alfred the gorilla – famous in Bristol – he’s even got his own statue in bronze, at the zoo!.

In 2013 and with the local connections with Aardman they’ve gone with Gromits – heaven only knows what they’ll do next year! EIGHTY of the little beggars have been placed around Bristol, although one may be found in Paddington Station! for people to follow, there’s even a little “flight to the Moon” attraction at the local mall, you can have your “passport stamped” in some places – to prove you’ve seen certain gromits and there’s a “wall of fame” where you can post photos of you with your fave gromit! See more info here

Today's post is a little photo heavy again but .... ENJOY

Couldn't resist sharing one more photo of the Shipshape and Bristol Fashion Gromit ....

Bristol Suspension Bridge with Gromit #53 - Shipshape and Bristol Fashion in the foreground

We were gromit following another couple doing the same so I
took a photo of them and they took a photo for me!
Gromit #47 - Patch, located at Nuffield Hospital
Artist: Emily Golden
Gromit #5 - Golden Gromit located by the Victoria Rooms, Clifton
Artist: Juli Vernon

And doesn't he look splendid side on too?

Me and Gromit #4 - Vincent Van Gromit. located by the Bristol Grammar School.
He's got mirrors around him so you can see all of him AND his bandaged, rather than missing, ear!!
Artist: Laura Cramer

That's all for today folks, the rest will appear tomorrow - didn't think it was bad for one evening's work, all those gromits!!! Nine in two hours, though feathers was a "gift", as we were actually on our way home when we spotted him! I may get some more over the remaining time they'll be on display and will happily share if I do!

Of course, LAST night we didn't go out looking for Gromits but we did see Bats! Several of them were flying around the house as I shut up shop ready for bed! Not a sight we're used to round here though I know that we have a "bat breeding ground" about a mile from us so I shouldn't be surprised, it's just the first time I've spotted them - must be "that time of year"!!!

And now for my work desk ... I really AM empire building! I have such a small area for my craft "stuff" and it's getting awfully crowded! If I can on this way I will soon be cutting a hole in the ceiling - might have to rethink this a bit!! Perhaps whilst tidying ................ nah!

Looks like it needs a good old tidy ...... AGAIN!
Happy Wednesday


Debs M said...

great pics Kathy - love patch x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Loving the Gromit pictures. It's a great idea.

And my word . . .you craft area . . . it's a disasssster dahlink!

Stick the kettle on and I'll be round to help tidy up!


Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

Loving your Grommets! We just have boring old Moose. Or is that Mooses? lol!

scrappyjacky said...

Great Gromits!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

It's a leaning tower of purple!!??

Love those Gromits. I can't decide which is my favourite...but then you shouldn't have favourites should you :oD Thanks for sharing.