Thursday, 18 July 2013

Too hot to trot Thursday!!!

Morning readers,
Still hot where you are? Here too, makes me feel like doing next to nothing too - not good! The lawn's gone brown too but at least it's not growing much either!

Last evening we had an impromptu gathering at our pal Debbie's ...... and she opened a bottle of white - oopsie! A pleasant way to wile away an hour or so though.

My regular readers know that I exchange ATC materials with a craft buddy on the Isle of Skye, well, her latest batch of materials arrived yesterday so here they are ...

Got any ideas? Check out tomorrows post to see what I turn them in to!

Of course, over on Cute Card Thursday the them for challenge number 278 is "Oranges and Lemons" so I MIGHT find myself having a go at that PLUS I still have a "natural" themed project to delve in to so ....... I may yet be back again later!

And finally, some more Gromits, the last of our evening of Gromit hunting plus another we found whilst out for a drive on Tuesday! I've now seen a total of TWELVE of the little chaps but didn't have my camera with me for two of them!

Gromit #49 - Dog Rose, located on Whiteladies Road
Artist: Ros Franklin
Gromit #62 - Feathers, located on the A38 Gloucester Road.
Artist Dave Bain
Gromit #69 - Roger, located in the Square in Staple Hill
Artist: Richard Williams

Roger's side view! I love his purple nose!
Not much crafting done - too darn hot!!!

Have a great Thursday - hope to be more creative with tomorrows post!


Lesley Thomas said...

Even if its hot Kathy, you can still colour in that cute image you friend sent you. I love it!

The Grommets are great too!

scrappyjacky said...

I think I like flowery Gromit best.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I am LOVING all the Gromits . . . specially the Dog Rose one . . .

I think you definitely need an ice cream to cool you down . . . xxx