Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's On You Work Desk Wednesday!!! Yee Haa!

Morning readers,
Just a quickie from me today as Mr Mojo has left the house!!! Don't know where he's gone but I sure hope he comes back real soon as I've a wedding card to make and deliver by July 12th! If you find my mojo please send it home - please check your garages and under your beds!!!!
It's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday today and there's not much apart from a bad attack of the NO MOJO CHAOS!!!
Mind you, the weather's pretty dull and grey so maybe (just MAYBE) Mr Mojo will get fed up of being on his own out there and come home in time for me to finish the wedding card you can JUST see in the photo - in which case I can crack on and may even be back later or tomorrow with a wedding card - here's hoping anyway!
Have a great Wednesday


Lesley Thomas said...

Oh Kathy, I think your Mojo must be Australian, this is the second time he's gone walkabout recently. I hope he gets back home in time to get that wedding card done.

Lilian said...

Kathy. I hope you find your mojo soon. he might be playing with mine lol.

Sue Bridesmith said...

Oh Dear Kathy, I think there is a mojo club somewhere, were all the mojo's gather sometimes, hopefully the club will kick out soon and your's will return home safe and sound and raring to go.
Suzy B :-(

Darnell J Knauss said...

Just like a man to leave when you were just setting to a project!! But good news, Kathy, I found him in the Playhouse arguing with my Mr. Moe Joe about it being his turn at my place. Oh, no, I said, not on your life, you guys aren't going to pull a fast one on me and Kathy and I sent your guy back to you with a boot print on his hiney. So you should be good to go. Can't wait to see the finished card!!

All the best and thanks for coming by to visit me! Happy WOYWW! Darnell #77

Katie Berberich said...

The weather was rubbish here yesterday too, no wonder Mr Mojo wants out!
Thankfully the sun had its hat on today!