Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday morning

And it's dawned dull, grey and WET!  It's not ACTUALLY raining right now but it certainly has been and looks set to do so again - VERY SHORTLY. I suspect my washing will not be heading out on to the line!!! AND, of course, wouldn't you know it? I'm off to the hairdressers later! Hope I can park close by! Wish me luck
You will have no doubt, noticed a bit of on-line silence from me of late. I'm normally a pretty prolific blogger but my mojo and I have been playing hide and seek .... when I have the time I don't have the inspiration and when I have the inspiration I simply don't have the time - isn't that always the way?
Anyway, yesterday, there I was, doing a bit of a blog hop and I hit Darnell's blog - now that's one entertaining lady (and her blog ain't bad either! She's not afraid to try a new technique and her last post had her yodelling and trying Smackin' Acetate!! Well I just knew which one I'd rather try ...... and (let me give you a hint) it wasn't the yodelling!!! She posted a link to Mynnette's youtube channel (I'm a subscriber now) where I watched a four minute video on this technique (see it here) - needless to say, I love to make a mess so this seemed an ideal way to perhaps kick start my mojo ...

So, armed with some card, some acetate and some much underused marvy le plume pens I set about making some backgrounds, as per Mynnette's video.

my scribbled acetate, ready to roll!, a quick spritz and .... apply my card and VOILA!!

Three backgrounds - once dry they're ready to trim and turn in to cards ...
Materials used:
  • Random sized piece of thick acetate
  • Two pieces of 300 gsm card cut to more or less the same size + one off cut of Rymans smooth white card - taken hastily because I wasn't done with this technique. Left to right in the photo are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd "print" - so you can see the changes as I tried slightly different pressure/water

I LIKE it and will probably have another go at some time - sadly, a couple of my marvy's are dried out but, never fear, I have some much underused marvy's the other side of the pond (taking up storage space) so I may simply bring them home!!

On to my next project. Clare (Miscanthuscrafts) has been setting us weekly projects to help fill our time (and lack of mojo) during the summer vacation and this week the project is an affirmation charm ...... regular readers will recall that Clare supplied us all with (roughly) the same sort of kit, to ensure that each participant could make each challenge. She even went to the trouble of recording a video of her thought process through each challenge too - this one came with a warning regarding the colour fastness (or rather, lack of) with the piece in question. Armed with this information I too decided to go down the gesso route and took my pink bird .... complete with it's slightly strange single and irregular green stripe!, and applied gesso

Two coats and STILL quite pink!

So, I took my white acrylic paint and whacked on two coats ....

Guess what? STILL pink!!!

Guess I'm going with a slightly pink theme with this project then!?!?! Watch this space to see how my little tweetie pie ends up!

Happy Thursday - see y'all tomorrow for the Friday Funny


scrappyjacky said...

Looking forward to the end result.
Grey and windy rain yet!!

Debs M said...

great new technique Kathy x

Lilian said...

love the new technique and the birdie. looking foward to seeing how they turn out Hugs

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Interesting! I just wondered if your acetate has to be naughty before you smacked it?

Hope the hairdresser visit went well.

Happy weekend.

Sarn xxx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Thank you for the link back to me, Kathy! Isn't that an addicting and fun technique? And then I saw on Sarn's website that she smacks her acrylic blocks for some of the most amazing backgrounds!! I can't wait to try that next.

Kathyk said...

Sandra - hairdresser went well and, no, I don't believe the acetate HAS to misbehave before you can smack it!!!

Darnell, it sure IS a fun technique - haven't tried it with acrylic blocks but ... I just might now!