Thursday, 17 October 2013


Here's a tutorial on how to make the star book that Wynneth and I made at a recent class at Violette's

This photo is of the original star book used in class and was made by FLORENCE for Violettes
  • 6 pieces each of three different coloured card ...... 12" x 6" (for the cover/innermost pages), 11" x 6" for the middle pages and 10" x 6" for the pages which will be decorated). For the purposes of this tutorial I used Pumpkin/black/deep yellow in that order. Score all pieces down the centre and set aside.
  • Paper trimmer - to cut card to size
  • Scoreboard and stylus or bone folder
  • Score tape (the strongest double sided tape known to man!!! though Stix2 is probably a close second)
  • Wet glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Embellishments - themed, we used a selection of Halloween stickers from Doodlebug Designs Inc
  • Quickie glue pen
  • Small pair of magnets (positive and negative)
  • Glossy Accents
Taking your first piece of 12" x 6" and a piece of the 11" x 6" place a length of score tape down the outer edge only, of the 12" x 6" card. Carefully line up the outer edge of your 11" x 6" card and stick down. Now repeat at the other end. Do this with all of your 12" x 6" and 11" x 6" cards.

All my own work!!! The outer and centre card pieces attacahed
Why  not attach the smallest card at the same time? You are leaving the smallest sized card for decoration BEFORE attaching using the same method. Once you have decorated your smallest sized card pieces, on the inside only, and have punched holes and added stickers, stamping, photos and any other embellishments .... you may want to consider whether you wish to have open tops to any of your embellished pages (for inserting tags or hidden journaling too) - you will see that one of my own pages does indeed have a tag sticking out so you will obviously have only glued the paper/card down on THREE sides, leaving the top unglued for the insertion of your tag.

Florence's pages forming the star book

Once you are happy with the decoration and consider your pages finished then you are ready to attach your innermost pages to your "star" pages, using the same method (score tape to the outer edges only). Your pages will NOT lie flat once this is done.
To assemble the star book. Start with the front cover and first page and place score tape around the outer edges. I always find it useful to just peel back the first 1" or so, leaving the "tail" facing outwards as it makes positioning easier and peeling back is a doddle! Ensuring your pages are aligned (particularly important with the bottom, as the book will not stand evenly otherwise), once you are happy with the positioning then gradually remove the tape with one hand, pressing firmly with the other. Repeat until all of your pages have been attached, making a book - DO NOT adhere the last page to the front cover, this is where the magnets come in.

The cover of the finished book
Not trusting anything other than glossy accents for this job, it's going to take a while to dry but you may well think it worthwhile in the long run! Leave the magnets attached to one another and glue to your front cover, close to the outer edge and about centrally top to bottom. Once dry then form your booklet in to the finished star, apply glossy accents to the other half of the magnet and press firmly in to place on the back cover, keep it firmly closed with a bulldog clip (or similar) to prevent the booklet pulling apart during the drying process and VOILA! you have your star book.
Sounds complicated? It's really not, not once you really get in to it. The class was three hours from start to finish but our card pieces were already cut so I would allow four hours.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Smashing project and a great tutorial there Kathy. Many thanks. The star books looks really great. I love the pair of legs poking out of the cauldron - LOL


Squirrel x said...

Oh this is just FABULOUS hun and looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing the info. I might have a go at this. Hugs Sxx

Brenda Brown said...

Looks like you had great fun making this. Thanks far sharing the steps and pages.
hugs {brenda} x0x