Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thursday and there's still more Christmas mayhem to come!

Happy Boxing Day my fellow Brits .... to anyone else - happy December 26th!
Before the frenetic activity that IS Christmas began I made time for a little crafting ....

And a close up to show the glittery twinkle!
Materials used:
  • Tall narrow card and matching sized envelope
  • Craft Stamper freebie stamped three times (once on to a post it, cut out and used as a mask) using Adirondack cranberry and Memento rosebud ink
  • Imagine That sentiment stamped using Memento rosebud ink
  • Stardust stickles used to twinkle up the outline of the whole heart
As usual, my design carries across the inside and the front and rear of the envelope too and I GUARANTEE this will NOT need a "large" stamped envelope!! Don'cha just LURVE CAS!?!?!

When Craftbubble (original incarnation) was running we used to host a Secret Santa each year and I organised this years - I have to say that I felt I did really well with my Secret Santa partner as her gift to me was simply terrific and the wrapping/tag/matching card was simply fabulous too

Bet you're all dead envious. The strange thing is that I had been umming and ahhing about the Sparkle Medium since seeing it at the Newbury show in July but could not make up my mind which of the fabulous colours to go for - problem solved and it looks like PURPLE!!! WTG Santa and THANK YOU SO VERY (very) MUCH - I LOVE my gift.

Wanna see some more of the pix from yesterday?

What the best dressed bottle is wearing these days!!! Cheers!

Present frenzy - didn't we do well?

Ready for dinner - see the table runner my pal Wynneth made for us?
The tree decoration was a Christmas gift from my brother and S-I-L

And here was my Christmas dinner - you're right - I DIDN'T finish it!

It's Secret Santa with the surrogate family this evening - watch out for more pix later in the week then!

I can only hope that your Christmas Day was as good as ours ....... Doctor Who too - really enjoyed that but still got Downton to watch.

Happy Thursday


Lesley Thomas said...

Happy Boxing day to you Kathy, though over here, it's St. Steven's day.

Either way, I'll be chilling out recovering from yesterday. I managed to finish my lunch yesterday. I had a count up and we had 11 different foods on the plate, not counting the gravy! (but only small quantities, though some came back for seconds).

Pretty card today, Shouldn't take long to make a batch of the, Have a good day today.

clare said...

Looks like a fab load of present and yum Xmas dinner! Enjoy your SS gift. X

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oooh! Smashing Your Purpleness. Looks like a pretty fab day all around. Have a great time with the Surrogates today. Lx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Had a lovely Christmas Day thanks Kathy and it looks like you enjoyed yours too.

Off to see family today. There'll be 3 generations of us . . . so it should be fun.

Santa gave me a Zenspirations Dangle Designs book . . . so guess what I've been doing? Yes, you're right . . . I've been DANGLING!

Have a lovely day - sending Happy New Year wishes to you and yours.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Happy Boxing Day your Purplisciousness and to Mr K too !

Thanks for sharing the fabby pix of your Christmas day, your dinner certainly looked yummy. Looks like you received great gifties too.

We managed to eat all our dinner, but had to leave it a couple of hours before tackling the Christmas Pud. Only a small breakfast too, so that's how we coped with our huge dinners LOL Around 11pm we all got a little peckish so I was in the kitchen making turkey sarnies all round - slurp !

Boxing Day in our house is a very chilled day, nowhere to go, nothing much to have to do and dinner will consist of leftovers - with just a few freshly roasted potatoes to top up. Might even cut into the Christmas Cake today.

Have a great time with the Surrogates this evening.


My name is Wynneth said...

Oopsie, got carried away and forgot to say what a smashing card you made, I'm sure it will be received with delight !

Also, your SS looks fabby wrapped and awesome unwrapped - well done SS !

Enjoy ;0D

SallyB said...

Hi Kathy...
Happy Christmas!
I have been MIA for a while. My poor little blog hasn't seen me for most of December! Blame Facebook and work...and the kids for that matter!
Had a little catch up with whats been happening with you! That chocolate cake looks right up my street! We had a lovely day with my sister and partner. They have just left now taking with them lots of the food. We had so much!
I am beginning the process of actually looking through my gifts...glue gun from hubby was my only crafty gift! Paul Hollywood book looks good! Sale shopping to find a few bits and bobs will be fun! hope to catch up with you again soon...
Happy New Year!

Brenda Brown said...

Great card Kathy and glad you had such a fabulous Christmas Day with lovely presents.
Wishing you a new year filled with joy and happiness.
hugs {brenda} x0x