Friday, 10 January 2014

What? Another weekend? You spoil me!

Morning peeps

Another Friday looms large in the purple palace - got plans for the weekend? I do, I'm meeting a crafting pal (Debs) tomorrow, at Snazzys. She was too poorly to attend a November workshop and I have her workshop materials, bet she'll have as much fun making it as we did - though it's probably fair to say that it's always a little more fun with friends.

Talking of friends .... I have an ATC swap buddy that I've been exchanging ATC's with for a while and I wanted to showcase both the sparkle medium and pan pastel metallics so .... here's another ATC - this uses both AND some gorgeous embossing powder too ......

Materials used:
  • Kraft, ribbed, ATC blank
  • Low tack tape - for positioning of stencils and for masking for pan pastels
  • Imagination Crafts Christmas trees stencil and sparkle medium in diamond and soft purple, applied with a plastic spatula and set aside to dry
  • Distress Inks: tumbled glass and pumice stone
  • Water spritzed on to fingers and flicked on to ATC, allowed to develop and then blotted with paper towel
  • Diagonal lines masked off before applying versamark ink (firmly so it goes in to the ribbed "valleys") before applying pan pastel bright gold using a sofft tool and buffing to a shine
  • Versamark ink applied all around the edges and peanut butter embossing powder (by Sparkle 'n Sprinkle) applied and heat embossed
  • Kaisercraft sentiment stamped on to white card before die cutting in to a circle and matting on to a larger die cut circle of chocolate card (another offcut)
  • Black card die cut in to a scalloped circle - yet another off cut - don'cha just love it when a plan comes together and uses up some little bitty bits of card?
And I had a rather special project to complete too, a card for that special person in my life - my dear husband. He's celebrating a special birthday in the not too distant future and I wanted to make him a card to remember ...... to those of you also lucky enough to know him personally (or just by reputation as one of the nicest and kindest men you could wish to meet) you will also know that he's a bit of a plane buff and really deserves something along those lines.

Materials used:
  • 20cm x 20cm white, 300 gsm, card blank and matching sized envelope
  • Red card (19x19, 17x17 and 7x7), white card (18x18m 6½x6½ + 12x12 die cut in to fancy square) and black card (18½ x 18½, 8x8 and 12x12 for die cut clock) for image panels, die cuts,matting and layering
  • X-Cut fancy square die cut from white card and liberally coated with versamark ink before applying metallic pan pastels in pewter and bronze, buffed and then set using hairspray
  • Tim Holtz clock face and hands die cut from black card and covered with Treasure Gold in onyxite to give patina
  • We R Memory Keepers plane image and Imagine That sentiment stamped on to white card image panel using Versafine onyx black ink
  • Michaels red and white glittered ribbon (attached using double sided tape
  • To the middle sized red panel I attached a TCW stencil (using low tack tape) before applying Diamond sparkle medium (from Imagination Crafts) with a spatula and setting aside to dry (took about an hour)

I hope you think it's special enough for my lovely husband, I've posted it here before his birthday as I'm almost positive he's not a blog follower of mine! Let's hope he doesn't go and prove me wrong now!! As is my usual habit these days, I have carried the image and sentiment across the insert (though I added those immortal "special" numbers to the insert - I can't tell you what those numbers are because .... then I would have to kill you!!!!!) and envelope. Here's a close up which shows the splendid twinkle of the sparkle medium and the fab sheen of the metallic pan pastels

You can see the sheen of the metallic pan pastels, the twinkle of the sparkle medium
and the patination of the Treasure Gold!! Perfick!

And now, it's time for another Friday Funny, this week's slightly cheeky offering comes courtesy of my pal, Sandra, I hope no-one's offended by it and that many of you are amused by it - ENJOY. You're in the 2014 draw, Sandra

Judy married Ted; they had 13 children. Ted died.
She married again, and she and Bob had 7 more children.
Bob was killed in a car accident 12 years later.
Judy married again, and this time, she and John had 5 children.
Judy finally died, after having 25 children.

Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her.
He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said,
"Lord, they are finally together."

Ethel leaned over and quietly asked her best friend
"Do you think he means her first, second, or third husband?" 
Margaret replied,  I think he means her legs, Ethel!"

Talking of draw, Pat G won the 2013 draw and here's what I sent her ..

Some Hobbycutz die cuts and a small clear stamp set

Have a fab Friday and a great weekend peeps


Squirrel x said...

Gorgeous ATC Kathy, and wow, that card for hubby is a bright one! He is going to love that for sure. Thank you for my morning chuckle hun, hope your weekend is a good one. Only 9 hours to go before mine starts ... Hugs xx

Sue - said...

Love the card, sure hubby will love it,let's hope he doesn't read your blog! Your Friday funny made me laugh out loud this morning - always nice to start the day smiling!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Happy Friday Your Purpleness!

How exciting to be meeting Debs tomorrow. Have a fantabulous time and give her my regards.

LOVE that card, and knowing the lovely man in question as I do I'd say it is SPOT ON. I know he'll appreciate it being in his favourite colour too :oD

Have a great weekend. Love your ATC and the splash of sparkle. Everybody should have some sparkle in their lives after all :o)

clare said...

enjoy your catch up with debs tomorrow. great ATC and perfect card Kathy! x

Lesley Thomas said...

Love the ATC and Card, especially the sentiment on the ATC and I'm sure DH will love his card. The funny made me laugh, then I found the extra post - so a bumper day today!

Viv said...

Fabulous cards Kathy, bet your OH will just love his. Very amused by the joke too, thanks for the Friday funny :) Viv xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, my God, I'm glad I had the sense not to take a sip until after I had read the funny all the way through! That was priceless!!!

Your ATC and your special birthday card for your special hubby are both priceless, too, Kathy! I can just imagine how shimmery and sparkly they are in real life!! Happy special birthday to him in the not to distant future!!

Glad you switched to Chrome so you can visit me hassle-free. After a week using Chrome, last night and this morning I'm having nothing but error messages and sllllooooowwww, so I've switched back to IE for a bit. I guess I should be glad I have all these engine options, but I sure wish they would get better friggin' mechanics or something!!

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Darnell

Cherry said...

Gorgeous Kathy. Have fun with Debs tomorrow - I know you will. Hugs Cherry xxx

Debs M said...

great ff - happy early '40th' to your lovely hubster! ;) see you tomorrow x

Kathyk said...

He WISHES!!!! Debs!

Darnell - I don't much care for Chrome but at least I'm not getting the error messages I was getting with I.E. 11!!!


Katie Berberich said...

Oh Kathy it's perfect. Having not met Steve I feel a tad disappointed, however he must be one amazing man after what I just read about him. Your words were lovely. It's so nice to see a couple together after so many years. A rarity, sadly these days. I think the love for both of your hobbies helps a lot. You have that distance, a little time to be you.
May you have many, many, many more. Hope Steve adores his card, it's brilliant.
Katie x