Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A bit of a marathon project .....

Morning all,

Have a project to share with you ...... I was blog hopping recently and was struck with inspiration for the "three textures" challenge over at Pan Pastels. I had a photo frame that I bought in IKEA about two years ago and hadn't even broken the seal on so ...... here goes nothing! I broke the seal!!!

Step 1: two coats of gesso on the frame (fortunately the back and the glass were easily removed so I didn't need to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO careful!)

Step 2: Distress Paints in spun sugar, picked raspberry and weathered wood were "plonked" down on to my frame and the colour spread about using a baby wipe. VERY pale results but, at this point, I hadn't really thought ahead - quickly realised that this was NOT the way I wanted to go ....

Step 3: Find some ephemera. Now I just KNOW we all have collections of bits and bobs we always thought would be so very useful but which got tucked in a drawer for some future project - today's the day!!! I had bought but never used some foam letters and numbers and the self adhesive backs weren't! (a testament to just how long I'd had them!), some dragon fly, key and sun ray charms, a guitar brad (I snipped the "legs" off) and some dominoes - never before used STUFF!!! Added to that some cogs (from a set I had broken in to) and some leftover coins from a trip abroad and you can see where I was going with this project just a little better.

Step 4: Move these items about until happy with them, photograph them (in case of accidents at the next stage) and then stick them down using Cosmic Shimmer PVA adhesive - this was the glue which some of you may recall left me no "wiggle room" recently. Hmmmm - the sun ray charm didn't stick down but ... no cause for alarm because Step 5 was designed with just such an issue in mind. Here's how it looked at this point ...

Step 5: Take one cosmetic tissue (3 ply) and split in to layers before tearing roughly in to strips.

Step 6: With the aid of a 1/4" paint brush I applied the matte medium to a small area of the frame, placed the strip of tissue over it and, with a fresh application of matte medium, worked it around the ephemera. It was at this point that pesky little sun ray charm was going to find itself "locked" in place, whether it liked it or not!!!

Step 7: Set aside to dry as I've a suspicion that I may need a second layer in places PLUS I will obviously need to adhere the outer edges and around the aperture, before I can advance to the interesting stage of adding colour and further texture - at this point, TEXTURE ONE is the tissue paper/ephemera. When I do the second layer I shall need to pay attention to the dips in the dominoes otherwise I shall lose the definition of the numbers on them.

Of course, with the World being my lobster there were any number of things I could do next ... there's paint, pan pastels, mica powders, modelling paste and stencils, gilding - you name it, so, what to go for?

Step 8: But, first, to tidy up those pesky edges ....

You can also see the sort of thing my hubby gets up to whilst I'm doing these projects ..

Ah yes, THAT looks better, with those edges tidied up. Right, well, since I plan to apply versamark ink and then either pan pastels or mica powders I thought I should start with a neutral palette so ..... 

Step 8: It was out with the gesso again ..

Step 9: Apply modelling paste randomly through a TCW stencil (using a plastic palette knife). I then applied crystal sparkle embossing powder - boy, THAT was a technique that soooo didn't work though perhaps it was more down to the embossing powder! Memo to self, next time try a more "detail" embossing powder!!

Step 10: How to apply the pan pastels/mica powders - hmmm. With lots of tiny areas I didn't think my pad would work - got that right! My Versamark embossing pen would take, like, FOREVER!!! Fortunately, I had a re-inker so .... splodged some on to a craft sheet, picked it up with a cosmetic wedge and, working on a small area at a time, I applied ink and then colour. I used: Pan Pastels in the yellow green colour family and the phthalo green from the solids and then silver, bright gold and bronze from the metallics. I also applied kiwi mica powder but it came out less green more gold and kind of merged with the PP's so you might not see "the join" - but that's a good thing - right? By this time, I was getting PP/mica all over my fingers so ... I gave it a quick squirt of hairspray to stop some of that and prevent colour contamination - like anyone would notice!!!

FYI - the Kiwi mica powder is on the right between the dominoes and the guitar!

Step 11: I used the versamark sponge to apply ink around the outer and inner edges before using just the PP metallics. I used just the bright gold around the aperture but bright gold, silver and bronze (how I LURVE that bronze) around the outer edge, blending with paper towel. A quick bit of colour adjustment on the photo frame once I stepped back and looked at it and then I was ready to roll with step 12!

Step 12: I poured a little acrylic wax in to a bowl and, using an old 1/4" paint brush applied the wax to all treated surfaces. The hairspray seemed to have worked as I didn't pick up any colour on the brush - yee haa! I set it aside on top of a roll of paper towel whilst doing this and afterwards, to allow to dry. This should dry to a sheen which, the bottle says, may be buffed to a more gloss finish - if I so choose.

I'm still not sure whether Step 13: might a step too far - I'm thinking Treasure Gold applied with fingers - but I only have onyxite which might be too dark. It's at this point I was glad I didn't use glossy accents as we all KNOW how long they take to dry! So, here's how it looks - to Treasure Gold or not to Treasure Gold?I KNOW the mount board doesn't look square in the aperture but, trust me, that appears to be how it's gonna be - it fit perfectly in the hole!!! RATS!

And now you get to see something else my hubby likes to do whilst I'm crafting - this plane was delivered on Monday morning ...

Hope you like my marathon project - I'll be entering this over at the Premium Brands (aka Pan Pastels) blog challenge .... it's "three textures" .... 1) tissue paper, 2) modelling paste and 3) charms/ephemera - wish me luck! Now all I need is a photo to put in said frame!

Have a great day peeps


Di said...

Hi Kathy

Double wow - what a fab project and brilliant result. I needed a lie down after reading about all the work you put into the frame, but it's fabulous! At one point I thought you'd lost the plot when you covered everything up - but then by magic all was revealed again. I'd never be brave enough!!



SARN said...

WOW - so much work and so many techniques. This if FAB Kathy.

PS: Cosmic Shimmer acrylic glue is my ABSOLUTE fave glue of all the ones I've tried so far!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Debs M said...

wow that was a marathon project - well done on seeing it through to the end - it was worth it x

crafty-stamper said...

Brilliant project love all the embellishments,techniques and texture looks fantastic
carol x

cheryl Baker said...

Oh hun this looks great love all the stages you did awesome hun hugs cheryl xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Me, bowing down! This is a marathon project, Kathy, and the end result is nothing less than spectacular! I am in awe!! Hugs, Darnell

Tracy said...

Woohoo Kathy, you did a marvelous job at creating all that scrummy texture!!
Thank yiu so much for joining us over at pan pastel uk.