Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!

And what IS on my work desk this week? BITUMEN PAINT!!! It arrived on Saturday and I've not been doing much crafting since ..... I'm about to embark on the journey that is the TARMAC TECHNIQUE!! IS IT FAR? Only as far as your imagination will take you ...... AM I GOING ALONE? Nope, taking three mates with me!!! WHEN AM I GOING? July 4th - a smidge over three weeks to wait. My three pals (Cherry, Debs and Wynneth) are coming to mine for the weekend and we have plans ... oh yes, we have plans!
I have IKEA mirrors and photo frames and also board backed A4 canvases to play with. We'll be getting inky, painty and (no doubt) covered in bitumen paint so I'm in search of plastic sheeting to protect my poor innocent dining room table and carpet! Wish me luck!
However, that's in the future - so, what do I have to share with you TODAY?

In the interest of it not being a case of the blind leading the blind I thought I should at least have a go and a friend (Karen, see her stunning work here) recommended I start on something small , plus a few other pointers (thanks matey!) .... hmm!

I picked a tag and here's how it developed:

Take one tag!

Emboss snippets of card and adhere (firmly) to said tag - remember to re-punch the hole at the top
Painted and ready to go! Looks a right mess at this stage .. AND I dropped my orange paint
- I'm sure you can see where! Wonder if it will matter!

Paints used
And now for the scary bit .... take one paint brush and some bitumen paint and slather it all over your hard work! and leave it to dry - step away from the project!!!!

OH MY .... all my hard work!
And then the fun bit ..... armed with nothing more serious than a soft cloth (on this occasion I used ½ a J cloth!) and some white spirit - knock back the bitumen, gently does it, you don't want to overdo it.

Well, it's OK for my first attempt - needs practise though!
You can see where I think I took too much off the light pink segment though ..
 Materials used:
  • One manila tag
  • Snippets of card - colour immaterial as I was going to paint anyway
  • Big Shot and the following embossing folders: Argyle, Swiss Dots, Halloween, Circles
  • Cosmic shimmer glue
  • Primo silver paint, Distress Paint in dried marigold, spun sugar, picked raspberry and seedless preserves
  • Black bitumen paint (ordered on-line courtesy of eBay)
  • White spirit
  • Soft cloth (both for application and buffing)
So .... whaddya think? Is it finished or do I need to take a little more off?

And now for another shot of my super duper tidy desk - only kidding!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta tidy, and soon!

Welcome to my new follower, 1cardcreator, and (YES) I AM indeed a friend of Darnell! Thanks for stopping by and leaving nice comments too.

Yesterday saw me out to dinner with pal, Sue, it was nice to catch up with her as its been a while since we had the chance BUT it was only an average (or possibly slightly even below average) meal at a restaurant neither of us had tried before and probably won't be trying again any time soon. OK they're a BYO but the only soft drink stocked is coke and neither of us drink the stuff! I only wanted mineral water but had to settle on tap water, they brought a jug of water with two small ice cubes in it, they worked hard but the water never really did get cold! My pal had to send her meal back as the lamb was so tough she couldn't even cut it let alone chew it! But, when the waiter sneezed in to his open hand which then delivered the bill ...... well, just eeeuuuwww! We'll find somewhere better to go next time, trust me! Should've known better than to stray from our fave, Raj's - but promise you won't tell on me!

Have a happy Wednesday


Unknown said...

I think the technique is interesting, but wouldn't most black paints work, i.e. emulsion or black gloss? At least it wouldn't smell so strongly.

Sorry about your meal out - what a disappointment.

scrappyjacky said...

Wow Kathy...that looks like an amazing technique.

Kathyk said...

Valid point and one to which I confess I haven't an answer for. If I had some other black paint I must just try it and compare the two.

FYI: you use such a small amount AND thin it with white spirit so it really isn't that smelly either.


Lilian said...

Kathy. Thats great. What fun that must have been. Looking foward to seeing your next project.

1CardCreator said...

Thank you for the warm welcome to your blog. Lovely process on the tag, I have not heard of Bitumen paint, it looks quite fascinating. Sure you and your friends will have fun exploring all its possibilities this weekend. ~Diane

Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks fabby Your Purpleness, and I can't wait to have a go myself...SOON!!! Lx

catherine said...

Wow that looks fabulous Kathy and I am sure you are going to have a blast of a time together doing all this.
Shame about the meal but it would have been good to see your friend.
x catherine

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Very inspiring tag, need to get som bitumen I think, lovely creative mess.

Warm hugs

Debs M said...

looks great Kathy - sorry about the meal ewwwww with the waiter!!! said...

Oh hun this looks brilliant looks like you will have liads of fun with it hugs cheryl xx

Terry said...

Love the techniques you used, so cool! Kathy, that you for your kind words. I hope you have a wonderful day!

My name is Wynneth said...

Ah... Now I see why I had to ask the question Kahy, hadn't got down this far on your blog during my catchup session !

Excellent first try with the TT Matey, I just can't wait to play myself too, not long to wait now !

In response to Lesley's question, I have considered trying something similar with black gesso, I'm sure I saw projects in a Craft Stamper magazine ages ago,using metallic paints and the gesso rubbed back with just a soft cloth. Not sure the gesso would be as permanent as the Bitumen though, unless of course you added a top coat of varnish or spray and shine to seal it. Will have to experiment !