Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tarmac weekend!

Morning all
The Purple Princess is away from her desk this morning .... well..... I'm about but I've got company this weekend. I've been joined by a couple of crafting friends and we plan to tarmac Bristol! We were so keen to get cracking that we didn't even stop for dinner ....
Here are Cherry, Debs and part of Wynneth planning what to do - just as soon as we finish dinner!
Following a delicious Chinese we cracked on and we're ready to tarmac a couple of projects this morning! Here's how it's looking, so far:-

My A4 canvas

My IKEA mirror - I took the mirror out of the frame - of the four, two came out really easily and the other two?

Here's how all of the projects looked at 08:00 this morning!
Top to bottom: my own, Wynneth's, Debs and Cherry's

I find it so interesting that we all started off with the same materials and just look how differently they all turned out!

Of course, once we cover our projects in bitumen paint they're going to look scary so, right at this minute, I have NO IDEA how they will turn out .... I only know that Wynneth's, Debs and Cherry's look good enough to put on the wall as they are!

I know Saturday's are normally challenge days for me but I think it unlikely I'm going to get to them until late Sunday or even Monday - but I'll be sure and catch up then! In the meantime, Simply Less Is More's new challenge (one I ALWAYS try to enter of a Saturday) is: "Earthtones", in case you are interested!
Have a fab weekend, I KNOW we will be having a blast!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Your Purpleness. Morning Gang :oD You HAVE been busy :oD Everything looks great already so I can only imagine how fantastic it's all going to look once you get going with the bitumen. Can't wait to see how things progress.

Have a great day all.


Lilian said...

Morning Kathy,
Looking good, you all seem to be having a great time.
Projets looking good.

scrappyjacky said...

A wonderful variety.

Louise Wright said...

WOW! You have done so much and this was by yesterday morning! I wonder how you got on at the end of the day yesterday? I bet you are crafted out :-) (is that possible??)
Enjoy newbury today x

Debs M said...

Thanks for a great weekend and hosting the tarmac technique!! x

Cherry said...

Thank you Kathy and Steve for a lovely weekend. Thank you gang for being creative, supportive and such fun. Hugs Cherry xxx

Karen said...

Ooooh looking good girls. Wondering if your addicted to, I love it!