Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday and have I got news for you .....

Well, perhaps not NEWS but ..... did I have a fun day yesterday ... or what?
My crafting pal, Cherry was coming to mine - for a proper play date - we had provisionally arranged this for the school holidays in 2013 but life kind of got in the way and it just never happened - weather seemed almost determined to conspire against us this year too but Cherry's made of sterner stuff and made it only minutes after her planned time of arrival. I, however, had been busy preparing my dining room for a day of mixed media mayhem - which is pretty much how it turned out - check out how we started out ...... I should point out that Cherry brought exactly one dictionary and two journals ... along with an embossing folder she owed me - and NOTHING else!!!
HOW MUCH schtuff?
This was taken as we started working .... we had planned to spend our day altering dictionaries but both of us had failed the initiative in one way or another ..... hands up those of you who IMMEDIATELY thought - but dictionary pages are so thin they will get too wet? Nope? Neither did we ..... oopsie!
Still, I did happen to mention that I had brusho's so this would fill in a small gap whilst we were waiting for the pages to dry .... you did bring your watercolour paper, didn't you? NOPE, Cherry had forgotten hers and I only had a half dozen sheets in my A5 pad - that'll be another oops then - still, necessity IS the mother of invention so we got cracking. Cherry's always got her journal with her so with regular Rymans 200gsm card, Kraft card, Cherry's journal, some stencils some medium and some brusho's - let the crafting commence ....

Are we having fun yet?
Boy, were we? Hell YEAH!!! Here are a few of my makes - I'm sure Cherry's will be appearing on her blog in due course too - check it out here
Purple brusho mixed with clear gloss gel and iridescent medium on to Ryman's 200 gsm card
It's ATC sized so I think that's how it might end up

Watercolour paper with various brusho's - this was from an A5 pad and the sheets
were cut in half - to make my meagre quantity go further!

This one had purple brusho applied first with a baby wipe - to colour the ENTIRE piece
Purple and Yellow brusho then sprinkled pretty randomly and spritzed using a Cosmic Shimmer mist - it's shimmery IRL

I then stencilled copper powder paint (see below) mixed with clear gloss gel medium over one of the brusho's panels

This is GORGEOUS in real life ..... Sparkle mod podge mixed with purple brusho's
and then applied with a plastic spatula to give the textural effect

Copper powder paint mixed with gloss gel medium and applied through a stencil with a plastic spatula
Sparkle mod podge and the metallic powder paints used ... they came from a previous trip to Georgia,
to the wonderful (but sadly, no longer trading) Old Town Crafts of Weed St, St. Mary's
My mini journal - silver water colour paint simply painted over and left to dry and the
the remaining purple brusho/gloss/iridescent medium stencilled through. See how the remains
of my previous use of the stencil has shown up so there's a positive/negative print!

Silver water colour powder paint/gloss gel medium applied through stencil to Ryman's 200 gsm card

Copper water colour powder and gloss gel medium applied through the BINGO stencil
Well it turned in to a very (VERY) mixed media and messy day ..... we even ate our lunch where we were crafting - not wanting to waste our valuable crafting time!!!
My dictionary? Well it was the ONE thing that didn't turn out that well - it's definitely still a WIP!
Purple brusho applied with a baby wipe and then purple and yellow spritzed - this made the whole page rather wet.
After a couple of hours I was able to stencil the purple brusho/gloss/iridescent medium through the
Dutchdoobadoo vanishing circles stencil with a palette knife
I only managed to turn one piece in to anything after Cherry left .... I think you will agree - it's VERY purple but then, they don't call me the Purple Princess for nothing now - do they?????

Materials used:
  • ATC blank
  • Panel of Brusho/gloss gel/iridescent gel medium
  • Distress Ink in seedless preserves used to colour background
  • Paper Artsy "Harlow-esque" image stamped on to black card using Versamark ink, white embossing powder sprinkled before heat embossing. The image was then cut out and adhered on to my ATC
  • Paper Artsy sentiment stamped on to ATC using Ranger Archival jet black ink

My thanks to Sarn for a very useful electronic conversation over a couple of hours on Saturday (via e-mail) and for the initial "You MUST have these brusho's you will LOVE them" - you are SO right matey .... and Cherry was planning to order some when she got home too!!! We should be on commission! IF you like getting messy and are going to use these paints in a number of ways (I have yet to use them as regular water colours!) then perhaps these paints are for you .... Oyster Stamps sell a set of 12 for £16 with free (UK) shipping - if you are interested! ENJOY. My thanks to Cherry for making the trip in such inclement weather too and to my husband (for making himself scarce but still magically appearing with our lunch!) and to Cherry's husband for being on child minding duty! I know I had a blast and hope you did too, Cherry!
Down to earth with a bang today though as I'm off to the dentist for 10:00 AND it's absolutely HURLING it down this morning too!!! YAY! (yep - sarcasm!)
Happy Monday peeps


Lilian said...

Sure looks like you had a great day both of you.

Sue - said...

Looks like you had a very fun and messy day!

SARN said...

OMG! Looks like you and Cherry had a blast yesterday Kathy. I just ADORE your painty and glitzy results. That ATC is FAB and thanks for showing and explaining all your other effects too.

Wish I'd been there!

Hope the trip to the Dentist is an easy one.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Kathyk said...

Apparently this link will take you to a site where they're only £14.70 with free (UK) shipping too - thanks Cherry, guess this means hers are on order!!!


scrappyjacky said...

Looks like you had great [messy] fun.

Lesley Thomas said...

Kathy, I was out all day (winning first prize for one of my quilts), so I missed posting yesterday. I love all your efforts with and without the dictionary! I'm sure they will all turn up in cards you are going to make. Glad you had a good day too.

Katie Berberich said...

I hope the dentist went well Kathy.
Sorry to hear of all the downs to your day with Cherry. Still, I reckon simply the get together alone made it worth while I'm sure.
Way to go Steve, on providing lunch. Seriously...where did you find him?
Germany was so much fun, thanks for your lovely comment. I'm hoping to be regularly back in blog land again within the week. I've sure missed it.
Hope all is well in Bristol and that the weather has gotten better.
Katie xx

Clare Lloyd said...

Looks like a great day and love your makes with the brusho. Must get mine out and try those techniques.

catherine said...

Your pieces look fabulous Kathy and I am sure they are the start to fabulous projects. You and Cherry certainly look to have had a fabulous day.
x catherine

Louise Wright said...

You certainly had a very fun and very productive day yesterday :-) I look forward to seeing what you do with the other things you started. brushos look really tempting :-)

Sharon Noble said...

Looks like you had a fun time xxx hugs Sharon x

Debs M said...

looks like you both had a fabby day! great makes too! x

Hettie said...

Oooo! Purple. what a surprise!!!
Looks like you too had fun. I must give these a go at some point...but not quite yet.
My buddy was supposed to be coming up saturday but she backed out due to hubby working overtime! I ended up gluing a new lining to the roof of my car. Whato! I may just have to share my photos to prove it!