Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Well, it's the middle of the week once more and .... guess what? STILL RAINING!
Many regular readers will recall my ATC materials swap with a buddy from the Isle of Skye ..... I returned home to a packet from Pam. Inside were the materials for my ATC, want to see what I received?
My pig card is double sided, the other side is below. The other item is a sticker
An ATC should measure 89mm x 62mm so this card is too small to use as my ATC base
Any suggestions for what I should make from the above materials? Well I have to say that I was stumped for a while but then hit on the memory of the perfect stamp in my collection and off I went - if you want to see what I made then scroll right down to the end of this post .......

Anyway, back to the mundane ..... flew home last Friday morning and a couple in the row behind were coughing and spluttering the entire flight so what I'm about to share with you will probably not come as a huge surprise. I CAUGHT THEIR COLD!! Thanks peeps! Sunday I had a tickle in my throat and the feeling of cotton wool in the head. Yesterday, I woke with the full blown symptoms (too icky to go in to, as you've done nothing to offend me!). I took to my bed with day nurse, dequacaine and Vick's First Defence in the hope of heading it off at the pass. This morning? Well, I'm up and about but feel pants and have no voice at all. I'm going to have to cancel a chat with a pal this morning as well as a much awaited curry this evening and a hair appointment tomorrow - none of these people deserve my germs! I just wish the people on the flight had been as thoughtful! Would I have missed a flight because of a cold? No, probably not .... so I shouldn't blame them but, well, you know .....
Welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday ... here's my desk!
Not much going on here today but it looks like I'm back to my untidy self once more!!
And ....... as mentioned above, here's what I made those materials in to - once I hit on the perfect image to accompany the "OlymPIGS" card ...
Materials used:
  • Pam's game card and vellum sticker .. PLUS
  • ATC blank
  • Hero Arts neon pink ink which I applied to the ATC blank using a Kaleidacolour blending tool and foam head
  • Paper Artsy "splatter" image stamped randomly using both Distress Ink in picked raspberry and Color Box gold inks
  • Animal Antics "Acropigs" image stamped on to white card using Memento tuxedo black ink and coloured using alcohol markers
  • I fussy cut out the image of the six pigs and then separated them in to two layers so that they almost appear to "build a pyramid" with the pigs on the original card
  • Crafters Companion Spray and Sparkle used to both set the water based inks and add super shine to the project
What do you think? Did it work? I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out ... and will be entering it for the "Anything Goes  - except a card" challenge over at the Craft My Life blog and also the "Anything Goes" challenge at AddictedtoStampsandMore

Happy Wednesday, peeps - and stay dry if you still have awful weather where you are.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning matey. So sorry to hear you're not well. Sorry to miss our chat too. All the more to chat about next time though :oD

My word you've done WONDERS with Pam's Olympigs! You can, I feel, be justly proud. Your ATC is great! Particularly good given that you're feeling a bit under par at the moment. I salute you Your Craftiness.

Rest up and fend off those evil germies. Speak soon I hope.


scrappyjacky said...

Hope you're soon feeling better.
Inspired thinking with the pigs.

Lesley Thomas said...

Great card Kathy, I know all about colds, I've been croaking since Sunday, and can hardly answer the phone because people can't here me. Get well soon.

Debs M said...

well done!! The stamps are a perfect match - sorry to hear you are feeling rough - feel better soon x

Kylie said...

How agile are those pigs?? Love them! Hope you feel better soon, my friend! Thanks so much for playing along at ATSM xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Now THERE is an Olympic event that I could participate in! Who knew? You did a great job of making the undersized pigs multiply and fit on a proper ATC, KathyK! Inspirational!! I'm sorry you are getting soaked; I so wish we could have some of that rain. And I pray you stop feeling pants and start feeling skirts before you know it!! Hugs, Darnell

Julie B said...

Sorry to hear you are not so chipper.Airplanes are just pants when someone has the lurge,all that recycled air!
This is a fun bit of eclectica and the piggies are awesome.
Thanks for sharing with us at ATSM this week. :)

Lilian said...

Get well soon kathy. Hoope this cold leaves you soon and you feel more yourself,
Love the ATC.Just love those pigs.


My name is Wynneth said...

Oh dear poor you, that usually happens to me, passengers with germies coughing and sneezing over me the whole flight, you just know you're going to catch them :0(

Love, love, love your piggies - I'd have been totally floored to receive these materials ! What a marvellous ATC you created using them, I'm really impressed.


Neets B said...

I hope you feel better soon, Kathy, colds make you feel so flaming lousy. I'm down in Devon and we've had a good amount of rain this last week so you're not alone. You've done a marvellous job with those piggies, fab. Thanks for playing along at ATSM x

Shana Gaff said...

Those piggies are hilarious! I love it! Hope you get to feeling better. Thanks for playing along at ATSM. :)

Tenia Nelson said...

Super FUN card!! Thanks for playing at ATSM!!