Monday, 8 December 2014

OK Blogger - own up ....

What have they changed now? I see I'm not the only suffering from this blight ..... all of a sudden a simple form of CAPTCHA word verification has been activated. FORTUNATELY, it's only a simple form with three or four numbers being required to be typed in but I DON'T WANT IT AND I DIDN'T SET IT.

I have checked my settings and it clearly says that "word verification" is set to OFF so I just know that this is probably another one of those "necessary upgrades" like the one where blogger turned all of my previously orange boxes to grey and started giving me error messages during navigation about my blog - grrrrrr.

It wasn't broken and now it kind of is! Lots of challenge blog DT members will either no longer leave comments on my work or it will take them far longer to make comments which will (OF COURSE) discourage them.

To my regular readers - my apologies - anyone know how to fix it? Because, sadly, I don't! PLEASE don't let it deter you from leaving comments on my blog - I'd miss them!

Thanks for your patience and perseverance peeps!

EDITED: nipped in to my settings, following a suggestion in my comments ...... if you change your COMMENT LOCATION from POP UP to EMBEDDED then this seems to fix it! YAY! and a big THANK YOU to Mary for this suggestion. You might want to try this and see if it works for you too!

Darnell offers this piece of advice which worked for her .... you can just hit publish without entering the numbers!!! Now I WOULD favour this option but I still fear that the appearance of the Captcha Word verification would discourage more people from commenting than the scrolling down to leave a comment but ....... I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Only problem is ...  I have a little niggle somewhere in my memory ..... I seem to recall that some time ago the fix to another of bloggers little idiosyncrasies was to switch from embedded to pop up so .... be warned - IF something odd starts happening to your blog then you may have to decide whether the CAPTCHA word verification or the OLD/new crazy is more irritating to you! and adjust your comment location accordingly!

WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!!!! Let me know how it works out for you!


Debs M said...

oh no - I hoped you would have a quick fix solution!x

LesleyG said...

how annoying! Can't help sadly, but I hope someone can xxx

MaryH said...

Kathy, Berni just suggested I change from Popup to Embed comments...and I think it's fixed the problem for me. I had WV set to off too, but after saving, I changed it to On, then switched it off again, saved. Didn't help. I think it's blogger, but perhaps you can try the embed instead of pop-up to see if it helps! Good luck. Hugs.I'm going to try skipping the WV here & see if you get my comment.

scrappyjacky said...

I better check mine....cause I don't want it either!!

SARN said...

Hi Kathy . .. you are NOT the only one suffering from the latest PROBLEM with Blogger . . . it's their CAPTURE thing.

It's been happening to me intermittently for a while and has been REALLY BAD today with lots of blogs I visit requiring me to enter numbers.

Try actually SIGNING IN to your dashboard, that seems to help a little.

HA - it's just asking me for a number for you right now . . . but I haven't signed into my blog yet (only Gmail)

Sue - said...

Seems to have been applied a bit randomly. Some blogs I've visited today have had it others not. Mine seemed to be OK when I checked it.

Kathyk said...

Changed from pop-up to embedded comments and that SEEMS to work


Darnell J Knauss said...

Hi Kathy,

It seems to be pretty widespread. I woke up to it and immediately tried to find out how to delete it; no luck with that. But I did see an email address to write to so I did that. No response, of course. I did hear about changing from popup to embedded, but I'm holding off on that because it's such a pain to do all that scrolling down with the embedded, especially since I'm doing a hop post on Wednesday (not WOYWW).

ANYWAY, what I have been finding tonight is that if I just ignore it as if it isn't there and click on publish, my comments are all being published without me having to prove I'm not a robot!! That's what I'll be telling peeps in my next post ... for those that prefer to use the popup comment box.

In the meantime, the air has been pretty blue around here. Why they have to mess with us every few weeks is beyond me and it just wears me down. Crossing my fingers ...! Hugs, Darnell

Lesley Thomas said...

It's not there for me, and I'm posting regardless. It's on Sue Wilson's blog, and John next door. Irritating, but doable.

Kathyk said...

That will be because I have changed my comment box to embedded so I'm glad to hear it's gotten rid of the pesky word verification - thanks, Lesley, good to know it worked!


Kathyk said...

TESTING to see if not entering the numbers but still hitting PUBLISH works


Kathyk said...

IT DOES!!! HUZZAH - wonder why blogger felt it necessary to take this step!


Di said...

Hi Kathy! I was at the eye clinic yesterday and missed this post - so I was probably tail end Annie once again :)

I do agree, when I see Word Verification I often run away without commenting - just spotted that you have it so let's see if I can circumvent it!


Di xx

Di said...

Ah, it did work. But I don't moderate my comments and wonder if the fact that you do moderate is seen as a mechanism which allows folk to just hit publish 'cos you would weed out spam? Just a thought!