Friday, 26 December 2014

Welcome to the last Friday in 2014!

Morning all,
Well, that's it then! All over for another year then!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday and that Santa was kind to each and every one of you, as indeed he was to us.

Up early (for me) this morning - can't get started without my coffee - join me anyone?

Yes, they WERE a Christmas giftie - thanks Naomi

Needless to say, after the late start, the present unwrapping, the bubbly quaffing and then the stuffing of the turkey till I could eat no more ....... there was no crafting in the purple palace yesterday AT ALL and (since this went live at 08:00) none yet today either!!!! 
Since it is December 26th and Boxing Day in the U.K. I'm sure that the festivities aren't all done and dusted quite yet so I'd like to thank those of you stopping by to visit with me this morning - you are most welcome, as always.
And now for today's Friday Funny, the last in 2014 .... courtesy of WYNNETH! Thanks mate ... before you get offended by the title please read it!, it's called ARE YOU A B.I.T.C.H.?
Some friends were sitting at the bar talking about their professions.

The first guy says 'I'm a
Y.U.P.P.I.E., you know...
Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful, Intelligent, Ecologist'

The second guy says 'I'm a
D.I.N.K.., you know...
Double Income, No Kids.'

The third guy says, 'I'm a
R.U.B ., you know...
Rich, Urban, Biker.'

They turn to the woman and ask her,
'What are you?''
She replies: 'I'm a
W.I.F .E , you know...
Wash, Iron, Fetch, Etc.'

A second gal answers their question before they even ask it, '
B.I.T.C.H .'

What exactly is a BITCH?!? they ask in unison.
'Babe In Total Control of Herself.'

So ladies, next time somebody calls you a 'Bitch' SMILE,
 and say 'Thank You!!'
Have a great Friday and, for those of you not likely to stop by till next year (sounds terrible put that way!) wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR


My name is Wynneth said...

Happy Boxing Day Matey, that's a mighty fine pair of mugs you have there Ha Ha !

Boxing Day at our house is a laid back chillaxing kinda day. Not expecting any visitors and a great opportunity to put new Christmas jammies through their paces and munch on a few choccies.

Leftovers for dinner, so limited time in the kitchen needed.... all in all a perfick day ;0D


Lesley Thomas said...

Happy Boxing day to you Kathy! No crafting here either, unless you count my ongoing hexagonal patch quilt, which I sit and sew during the evenings in front of the TV.

Yep, weeks of preparation, and a few hours later, it's all over apart from picking at the turkey carcass. No grumbles with the presents, I had some very nice ones. Now looking forward to 2015, this current year could have been kinder to our family.

Debs M said...

Happy Boxing Day - love the ff x

catherine said...

I will gladly join you anytime for a coffee Kathy especially if it's in one of those lovely mugs!! Great present.
Fabulous Friday funny and so true. glad you enjoyed the day
x catherine