Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

New Year new signature, jury's still out on whether I like it - any thoughts peeps?
Hope you all had a great New Years Eve and that there aren't too many thick heads this morning!! No chance here, hubby and I are both still full of cold. A couple of "light entertainment shows" that didn't need too much thinking about and that we could catch up on easily after nodding off and then an early night!!! The midnight fireworks woke us up and our New Year greeting went along the lines of a cough, a sneeze, a "Happy New Year dear" followed SWIFTLY by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - VERY rock and roll - NOT!
I was trawling t'internet for creative inspiration - can only assume the over indulgence over Christmas had also dulled my creativity! Stumbled across the video posted further down in my post outlining details for a colour "burst" - watched it avidly and thought, I should try this .... so I did. Want to see how mine turned out?
This was my second attempt - you can see my first attempt below
Materials used:
  • White C6, 300 gsm, scallop edged card
  • Water colour paper
  • Black card for matting
  • Brushos (lemon, yellow, orange, purple and turquoise)
  • Stamplorations sentiment stamped using Versamark ink
  • Stampendous cobalt embossing powder - which got everywhere despite A) using an anti static bag and B) using a fine paint brush to remove specks - guess this means my versamark pad's drying out!
Since my Stamplorations sentiment is DEFINITELY NBUS I'm going to be entering it over at Darnells NBUS challenge
My first attempt? Well, I was "chatting" (electronically) with a knowledgeable crafting buddy, Clare, and she suggested inktense blocks
Turned out a bit more wishy washy than I was looking for
I think the brushos were MUCH closer to the colour intensity of the paints used in the video, don't you?
And here's the video, in case you would like to have a go .... me? I think I'd like to watch it again and then have another go, the effect in the video is just so much more random than mine!
It's nearly time to take down my Christmas cards but I thought I would use this post to THANK everyone who was kind enough to send me a card - here's a peek at the section which has the most of my hand made cards on it.
Have a fab New Years Day peeps


Clare Lloyd said...

Brushos do look more vibrant I agree! Happy new year. X

catherine said...

Fabulous colours Kathy and the Brushos are more vibrant.
Happy new Year to you both x

Craftyrose said...

Happy sneezey new year to you Kathy. All I can say is snap! Coughed and sneezed through it all and have a thick head due to sinus blockages! Going to play with crafty toys today.yay! Lovely selection of Christmas cards there....I can spot mine! :0) All the best for 2015.xxxxx

Lesley Thomas said...

Happy New Year Kathy and all your bloggers. Love your splash of colour, I have brusho powders left over from the city and guilds course I did 20 - 25 years ago (too lazy to go look at certs for the date).

scrappyjacky said...

Happy New Year

SARN said...

LOVE your colourburst 2nd attempt. 1st one not bad either . . . just less vibrant!

Will watch video after I've left this comment as it looks like something I should definitely try out!

Hope you feel better soon Kathy.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

SARN said...

BTW - think I preferred your old signature! Well, you DID ask! xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Happy New Year Purple Pal.

Love your card. What a great technique. Gorgeous vibrant colours really highlight the sentiment.

Have to say I think I prefer the old signature too. Sorry.


BobbisTreasure said...

Beautiful background!

Sue - said...

Happy New Year Kathy - hope the cold goes soon! Interesting technique - I'll have to check out video when I put laptop on, tablet won't let me watch it! Think I prefer the old signature too - sorry!

Darnell J Knauss said...

So much to say ... re the signature: I like it with reservations. If you keep it, even though it's not technically correct, I would take away the comma. It's distracting. The other thing is that it brings to mind the old Bugs Bunny cartoons and while I know you are a lot of fun and you love whimsy and joking, your art is not a joke. I feel like it somehow implies your blog is frivolous and I don't think it is. I learn a lot of great artistic tips from you, my friend, and I think you deserve something that is lighthearted, but not quite so self-deprecating.

Second, thank you so much for being right there to enter my third NBUS Challenge! I appreciate it very much!

And finally, what a great card idea and a video, too! Thank you for that. I'm hoping to uncap those Brushos soon. (Where did I put them??) In fact, I am going to send you a PM about that. All the results are so spectacular!

I hope you two are over your colds soon! That's not a fun way to ring in the new year! Hugs, Darnell

Darnell J Knauss said...

P.S., Kathy, (bwahahahaha, can you believe I HAVE more to say?? Don't answer that!) I just want to say that I loved your card wall of fame!! You are much-loved!! xxoo

Loll Thompson said...

Hi Kathy. Love your card and awesome technique. I had recently watched this video and added it to the challenge that is coming up today at HLS. Funny! We are on the same wavelength!! :)

Anyways, love it done in both the brushos and inktense blocks ... two different looks, both awesome. Happy New Year and hope you get over that cold soon! Loll xx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

LOVE it Kathy! So bright, so vibrant, must give it a go myself! Hazel x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love that burst of color technique. It really makes an impact.