Saturday, 21 February 2015

Explanation for my absence today ....

The Purple Princess is away from her desk this weekend, at the Fifth Annual CRAFTATHON, this year in Rotherham. Poor hubby's left to his own devices at home - I just hope the party's not too noisy for the neighbours!!!! I imagine there will be crafting mayhem under way by the time you read this .... unless we're still at breakfast and PLANNING mayhem!
We have each prepared a shoe box project ..... designed to be completed within 30 minutes and have brought sufficient materials for everyone to be able to reproduce their own versions of our examples. Additionally, we will be completing one main project, this year it's a stencil storage unit. My own shoe box project contains two techniques which are easily completable in that time or indeed at home, should time run out
A home made stencil and a distress ink panel
No need to worry about how good (or bad it looks at this stage)

The "bokeh" technique
Faux mother of pearl technique
Here's hoping that everyone will have taken a camera and that we all actually REMEMBER to take some pix.
So, as you can see I plan on being a teensy bit busy and won't be posting my usual challenge makes today but will in fact be enjoying a positive craft OVERLOAD with like minded people met over t'internet but who, over the past five years, have become personal friends and who's company I always look forward to - thanks guys, they know who they are but you (dear reader) may not so .... if you'd like to check out their blogs over the next week then here are their links ....
Karen and Lisa (not sure Lisa has her own blog)


SARN said...

Wishing you a whole heap of fun this weekend Kathy.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Di said...

Oooh what fun Kathy - hope (and don't for one minute doubt!!) you have a fantastic time!!


Di xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

They're a great bunch and I KNOW you will all have a fabulous time. I'm loving that Bokeh technique too.

I'm off to glue my Virtual Craftathon project together..,


Granmargaret said...

Have a wonderful time

Darnell J Knauss said...

I am green with envy, Kathy! I want to be there, too! You girls are having a blast, I'm sure, laughing and sharing and creating up a storm! I can't wait to see the results!! Hello to everyone!! Enjoy! Hugs, Darnell

Lesley Thomas said...

Have a great day Kathy, we will catch up with your news during the week.