Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday challenge day and ..... an excuse!

Morning readers and followers,

No challenge makes for me again today ...... there's a good reason for this, honest! I've been away in Blackpool ... as you will know if you saw my post yesterday morning .... yesterday was busy and odd - we changed our internet and phone provider and there was a bit of a kerfuffle with that, I had to nip out and do some shopping and, whilst out, discovered that someone had "dinged" my car without 'fessing up. No dent but paint off - annoying but minor and at least no-one injured but why do people drive so carelessly/thoughtlessly? 

Anyway, onwards and upwards, yesterday afternoon I was out with a pal so no crafting. When I came home I was rummaging looking for some felt finish card I knew I had somewhere - could I find it? NOPE, still haven't .... wanted to cut six circles to attach to my six MDF coasters, to protect my surfaces but .... that will be for another day. That turned in to a marathon session of sorting out the storage box I have which is (or should I say WAS) full of plain card snippets - there are a great deal fewer than when I started - must do the same with the storage box I have which is full of patterned snippets next! And then try to use some of them!

Today, I'm off to a brusho's workshop with Barbara Daines ....... I'll be collecting my pal, Lilian on the way. I hope we'll have a blast - got my camera charged and hope there will be pix! Wish us luck!

Whilst I was out on Friday afternoon, meeting Sue for coffee, imagine my surprise (and delight) to find we have a Shawn the sheep just minutes away from me .... as usual, I had my camera with me so ...... here is STARSTRUCK Shawn.

Who wouldn't love a face like that?!?!?!

Have a fab Saturday, pretty sure I will you know! Unfamiliar with Shawn the sheep? Check out the video


Unknown said...

Hi Kathy, it sounds as if you are much more likely to have a fab day than I - I'm still trying to get up to strength again after Gall Bladder blockage and Pancreatitis. Ouch, so painful. At least I know what to 'inflict' on my worst enemy now, LOL.

Debs M said...

a pox on the person that dinged your car! Loving Shaun, hope you have a great workshop x

Di said...

Aw, lucky you to have a Shawn the Sheep so close! Enjoy your workshop - look forward to seeing the results.

Bit of a b*mmer about the car 'ding' - last time it happened to me (Sainsburys car park) it cost a few hundred to repair. Grump, grump - why aren't folk more careful and at the very least more honest?! From the damage their own car would have been scraped and dented so they must have known.

Onwards and upwards though!


Di xx

Sarn said...

Fabulous looking sheep you have down your way!

I don't normally ill-wish people, but I'll make an exception for the person who messed up your car.

Hugs, Sarn x