Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's hump day Wednesday ....

Morning all

Been enjoying watching Leandra Franich at the NEC trade show on periscope  this past few days ... never even heard of it a week ago and, once I decided to sign up, I found it quite tricky ... still can't work out how to "share" broadcast links .... I can copy the URL but have yet to work out how to share/paste - anyone?

However, I DID crack on with some crafting rather than get bent out of shape wrestling with the knotty problem above. I can't share all the details yet but here's a sneaky peek at a project I've been working on ....................

And now, since it is WOYWDW here's a peek at my desk

I'll be entering this for WOYWW this week .. in all its messy glory!

In case you are wondering about the brevity of my post .... all I'll say in my defence is ... STILL decorating!!!


sandra de said...

Your sneak peak looks very interesting and I imagine anything by Leandra would be fab. Wish I could help with tech ideas but I am hopeless.
sandra de

Bridget Larsen said...

Technology can be quite daunting sometimes, I have never seen a periscope episode so sorry I can't help you
Bridget #8

Debs M said...

All looks fab! Whilst the broadcast is on, swipe right and there is a share button - press it and you will be given the option of facebook, twitter - just choose which on you want x

Kathyk said...

Thanks, Debbie, will try that


lilian said...

OH the sneak peak look interesting.

great work desk


SARN said...

Gaarrrgh . . .STILL decorating! Yuk.

Carry on crafting and tea-making, I say!

Interesting sneak peek. Saying NUFFIN about the T o C xxx

Oh, and the only periscope I've ever heard of belongs on a submarine! X

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Your sneaky peek looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing your desk with us. Happy WOYWW!

Caz said...

I've been watching all the Leandra-scopes too. Periscope is frustrating! I changed my @ on Twitter as I wanted my name up on Periscope not @candellecreate and it will *not* recognise it and change it - don't you just hate some bits of technology!!
I think sharing is different on different phones/tablets....I have to swipe UP to share mine....I spent ages swiping right and getting cross and then accidentally discovered that swiping up works!

#31 unless Mr Linky has changed it!

Barb said...

Oh you big tease! Barbxx

glitterandglue said...

Hmmm. The sneaky peek looks fascinating. Enjoy finishing that project.
Take care. Hope you get to grips with the technology.
God bless.
Margaret #40

jan spencer said...

Looks a very busy desk! I've never used periscope so can't be of any help I'm afraid, sounds too complicated for me, will stick to youtube.
Jan no 46

Diane Futrell said...

Your sneak peak looks cute...look forward to the rest.
Have a great day!

Diane WOYWW #44

Sharon said...

You're teasing us with that sneak peek! It looks interesting. Your desk isn't messy - just creative!

Have a great week
Sharon K #47

Clare Lloyd said...

Liking the tease kathy and the desk. As to periscope I found a new way this! When u join a periscope broadcast bottom right hand corner is the number of people who are joining, click on there and u will see the share icon.

Clair said...

Och, decorating. It never ends, does it? Hope that you manage to carve out some time at your desk this week!

Clair #11

Julia Dunnit said...

I don't watch via Periscope, it drives me nuts. You go ahead and wrestle with it, I'll learn from you! The small portion of your work looks great, in fact, your whole desk looks good to me!

Barbara said...

Me and technology don't get on.....simple as! I can't even do a watermark yet, so 'periscoping' sounds like something you do on another planet! :-( Your 'work in progress' looks very interesting, looking forward to see it on completion xx

SusanLotus said...

Messy? You should see the rest of my room.
I really need to do a spring clean.

Looking forward to see what your project will end up like.
Happy week to you!
Sussie nr 50 WOYWW

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see your sneak peek project in all its glory.
I tried periscope, got way too stressed out and frustrated so gave it up as a bad job. Hope you succeed with it.
Sharon xx