Sunday, 3 June 2018

Hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday

Morning all,

I hope you've been enjoying my vacation pix (Friday and yesterday) from Florida ... once we'd finished there we spent a glorious week in Denver ..... I've added links, in case any of you are interested in finding out more about where we  visited - ENJOY

Our first view of the Rockies
What beautiful scenery
The township of Estes in the Estes National Park
Lake Lily, where we encountered our first muskrats and chipmunks in the wild
Union Station downtown Denver
Echo Lake Park, the clouds descended so low it was like driving in fog,
with 50' visibility - scary in the mountains!
Wings over the Rockies air and space museum, Denver
Stopped at traffic lights, I just thought this made a nice pic
We passed quite a lot of wild deer and bison (see below)

Pike's Peak
The "rock" at Castle Rock - think there was even a TV series of the same name!
WOT? No craft pix? Nope, still away at Craftathon ... hubby's at home but he's not a crafter so he won't have done any on my behalf either! You might want to check back on Wednesday for some Craftathon pix.


Sarn said...

Fabulous scenery. Looks like a spectacular trip xxx

Pat said...

The Colorado scenery is superb Kathy, and lots of wildlife too. Looks like you had a wonderful time! x

Unknown said...

This is really awesome and beautiful.
Thank for this sharing.
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