Well, Craftathon 2014 kicked off on Friday Feb 28th 2014 and I was booked in here......

We were doing a clock workshop, using this blank

Additionally, there were shoebox projects - I had decided that my "Shoebox" project would be a MAZE book and I prepared much of this beforehand with the cutting of the "maze" and the board and papers for the cover - AND I even remembered the ribbon and a circle punch too!

LOCATION: Etching Village Hall, 24 East Butts Road, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 2LU
DATES:         Friday Feb 28th - Sunday Mar 2nd 2014
WHO:            Me (nothing if not master of stating the obvious!!!), Wynneth, Sir Andy (organisers), Cherry, Debs, Lauren and Nicola.

And, of course, some didn't get to finish our maze book so here's the youtube vid for it - for anyone who needs it!

Right, well, Craftathon came and went so here's the full update!!

I set off for Craftathon on Friday late morning and mad good time ..... for the first 30 miles when I hit my first traffic jam!!! My satnaG told me that the M5/M6 junction was experiencing 61 minute delays and did I want to detour? Hell, yes! 61 minutes when I would only be 30 minutes for my destination!!! Hmmmm - scenic detour involved the M42 AND the M6 toll road - £4 well spent though as there was surprisingly little traffic!!! UNFORTUNATELY, as I hit Rugeley the town centre roadworks held me up and satnag tried to send me down a cul-de-sac (TWICE!) so there was nothing for it but to brave the roadworks again and take the next left - WRONG! The road was only blooming well CLOSED for the duration. Yes, you guessed it, a U turn and brave the road works again - THIS time, I rang our Craftathon hosts (hand free I hasten to add) and they kindly "talked me in" - phewww! It was so frustrating .... Sadly, I wasn't the only Craftathonier to fall foul of said roadworks with only Nicola escaping unscathed as she approached from the north. I have at least now test driven the M6 toll road - TWICE!!, always good to try new experiences! Once we'd all arrived at the hotel and checked in it was across to the pub across the parking lot, where our hosts were waiting for us and then it was off to the hall where we quickly set up table and chairs and started to unpack. Boy we wish we'd put the kettle on first as it took FOREVER to boil!!! Nicola had made a fabulous Weetabix cake (?!?!? - she's promised the recipe) which went down very nicely with our cuppa. There was birthday cake on Saturday and plenty of biscuits so we were definitely spoilt! Wynneth and Sir AofS had "scoped" out a couple of splendid eateries AND did the chauffeuring for us all - we headed to bed around midnight only to be up and breakfasting again at 08:00! Raring for a full days crafting we crafted our little socks off and, all too soon, it was time to concede that we were not all going to finish all of our shoe box projects and start to pack up. It was so fab to get the chance to spend the weekend crafting with friends and we can't wait to do it all again in 2015!!! My journey home was uneventful other than another trip to the toll road because I wasn't risking those pesky roadworks again!!!!
Photos? You got it - pull up a chair and see what we did .... Thanks for stopping by

Day One - gentleman and ladies - start your crafting engines!

Dinner on day one - deep in conversation

Nicola (L) and Cherry

Cheers from our senior crafter - known affectionately as Sir Andy of Stafford!

Kathy and Lauren enjoying a chuckle

Not quite so exciting was the view from my bedroom window
- thank heavens I didn't plan on spending long looking out!

Day two and we're still going strong

My personal makes

Everyone's cuckoo clocks

Everyone's completed large tag project

Everyone's take on the Ombre technique tag - this was probably the easiest for us to take home and complete
hence only the speediest crafter getting round to it!

All of our door hangers - this project was double sided but I neglected to photograph the other side!

The paper engineering bird house and my shoe box project which was the maze book
Another easy one to complete at home

And Sir Andy's cool clock shoe box project - a clock in a box!

And lastly, but not least, the journal page project
You're not wrong - we kind of ran out of time but I think you will agree that there are some fine projects from everyone above and that it sure looks like we all had a great time.
My thanks to everyone who attended Craftathon 2014 and for making it the fun experience it was - here's to 2015! 


Debs M said...

Looking forward to it already! x

Sarn said...

Very ambitious projects there - not surprise you ran out of time. However, the finished ones look FABULOUS.

So glad you all had a terrific weekend.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Di said...

Wow Kathy, terrific makes and what a weekend! I did giggle about the Sat-naG :)

Off to check out your snippets make now!

Hugs, Di xx