9th July 2014: looks like it IS Nicola organising it so, thank you Nicola. This undoubtedly means that it will be further north, probably in Rotherham - well it's been four years since Accrington (we did Rugeley in 2013, Hereford in 2012, Bristol in 2011 and Accrington in 2010) so it'll be nice to encourage the more northerly crafters to attend, here's hoping that the end of February we'll be tucked up in a nice hall and hotel somewhere in Rotherham then!

The "shoe box project" was a real hit in February 2013 and I feel sure we'll be doing that again in 2015 - HUZZAH!

SEPTEMBER 2014 - sign up's closed and there are going to be EIGHT of us! Nicola, Catherine, Debs, Karen (and her niece, Lisa), Kathy, Jan and Wynneth. It's GOING to be Rotherham and it's going to be the weekend of Feb 20th - so it had better not snow that weekend! Apparently, two of our regulars who are unable to join us have signed up for the main project and should have their materials in time to craft along with us!

DECEMBER 2014: I've booked my hotel and paid for my workshop project, just got my own shoe box project to sort and then .... wait till February!!!

The Bay Tree Bistro Rotherham

FEB 1st 2015 - getting closer now, less than three weeks to go. Think we know where we'll be eating and we're all booked in to the same hotel (always good). I know our organiser (Nicola) has received our main project materials (by Clevercut) and I've decided on my shoe box project ..... though I know a  couple of others have yet to decide on theirs. I've my travelling companion visiting today and we'll hopefully be planning our journey details/timings, etc ..... looking good. All we need now is for it NOT TO SNOW THAT WEEKEND!

There WILL be lots of pix so I hope you will check back after we return ..... and hopefully share a little of the fun we will have had.

February 19th 2015 and Wynneth is on her way although she's been slowed down by the atrocious weather conditions on the M5 - only one more sleep!

February 22nd 2015 - no more sleeps, in fact, I'm home again!!Well, we had a great journey to Rotherham (Wynneth and I travelled together) and met up with everyone else at the hotel before heading to the hall and setting up, Nicola had done a GREAT job in both finding and booking the hall and in laying it out ready for us to crack on, which we were only too happy to do!

From the back, clock wise: Catherine, Nicola and Wynneth
Getting cracking on our main project for the weekend

From the left: Jan, Debs, Catherine

Our main project "au naturelle"

We start them crafting pretty young in these parts!
Nicola and her daughter

Left to right: Debs, Catherine, Karen, Lisa, Nicola and Wynneth

Jan, pondering her next move!

All too soon it was time to head back to the hotel for a rest (and for some of us to check in) before heading out to our first night's chosen dining experience which was, less than 500 yards away so - no driving! It was BYO and we had to pass a Sainsbury's local so popped in for something chilled! Dinner was a delight and great value too.

After many of us passing what could best be described as a "restless" night (too keen to get back to crafting perhaps?) we all met for breakfast and then it was off and crafting again. Two of our number had brought a considerable "shop" of goodies so we even had the chance to acquire stash in addition to crafting - perfick!

Karen(left) and Lisa presumably discussing what to do next

Catherine contemplating likewise!

Whereas Jan and Debs are in the zone!

I seem to have spread my work area all over the place!

Karen's first play with brusho water colour crystals, judging from her expression
it looks like a set will soon be on their way to her home!

Debs, Jan and Catherine discussing art journaling

Those projects got properly under way, with the fabulous shoe box projects completed during any "drying" gaps!! Lots of tea/coffee, cake and flapjacks later ..

Our projects, Jan's, Wynneth's, Karen's, Lisa's, Nicola's, mine and Catherine's

All too soon it was time to pack our stuff away - did we really bring all that stuff? Time for another short rest before meeting in the hotel bar and heading to dinner at a pub Nicola had booked for us.

Looks like we're all enjoying our evening

It should be pointed out that we certainly ate well this weekend! Morning came all too soon, if I'm honest, I was pretty knackered after Craftathon and, after a leisurely breakfast it was time to say our farewells and head off north, south east and west! Our journey time was a little over three hours and it was HURLING IT DOWN for about half the journey but, we made it, and (frankly) can't wait to do it all again in 2016!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who came along and made this weekend as much fun as it was and a special thank you to Nicola for organising it so brilliantly and for making such good choices for crafting and dining - THANK YOU

Once safely home I thought I would take a photo of my makes and my purchases:-

I managed most of them:
Lisa's lovely little gift box, Karen's gift bag (bokeh style with matching gift tag)
Jan's Easter basket, Nicola's stamp carving, Wynneth's hot glue stencilling and Debs' tag
I'm only sorry I didn't get the chance to do Catherine's art journalling

And my shopping? Well, you might know that I DID!

I've had my eye on those stamps for a while and have heard lots about
the splatter brush too, fresco flakes are a new one to me but ...

I'm a sucker for Visible Image and have always loved my Adirondack pads too


Debs M said...

Thanks for the help Kathy xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Fabulous makes too. Can't wait to see everybody else's.


Sarn said...

YAY . . . looks like a whole lotta fun. Hmm . . . I like the look of your goodies. I've seen the results of that splatter brush and reckon you're gonna LOVE it.

Hugs, Sarn xxx